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  1. I want to store family photos & videos until I can afford huge amounts of online backup.. Today I got a great deal on a Barracuda 1TB - $26(converted) 2 year warranty!!!
  2. Does different hard disk brand (HGST not included) make a difference in reliability? Which one to get under 1, 2 & 3tb options? Thanks:)
  3. Thanks for the link bro.....but why is the timer not working in windows?
  4. After the 2004 update sleep and screen off timers are not working...tried changing settings in the power options but made no difference:(
  5. My opinion (your's may vary) : LTT's phone reviews are all over the place...I mean there is always some thing that bugs me to hell! There are some Youtubers that make really good phone reviews (my fav are 'mrmoble' & 'somegadgetguy') Good video example : (in my opinion, your's my vary) Tell me about your fav phone reviewing Youtuber!!!
  6. I'm from Bangladesh! Pricing is just stupid over here Cheapest 16GB (8GBX2) 3000mhz will cost me $98.44 in my town And the AOC 144Hz isn't available..the cheapest 144Hz monitor costs $269.54 here
  7. Thanks for the tip but 16GB (8GBX2) 3000mhz will cost me $98.44 in my town...so too expensive
  8. My limit is about $800 In my country pricing of components are all over the place.Here's what I've found: #R5 3600 ($190) #Gskill 4GBx2 2666mhz ($49.2) #MSI Mortar Max ($111.33) # Radeon RX580 Gaming 8GB GDDR5 ($170) #Gigabyte Nvme PCIe 256GB + WD Blue 1TB ($88) #Corsair CX550 550watt 80plus Bronze Non-Modular ($56.25) #Deepcool MATREXX 30 Mini ($28.13) #LG 22mk430h ($105.47) (I already have keyboard and mouse) *******What should I change?? Plz suggest*********
  9. Agreed, but my question was at the same price will a wired headphone sound better than a wireless one?
  10. Phone companies are ditching 3.5mm jack to sell their wireless headphones.But how much value do you lose compared to a wired headphone at the same price?
  11. Sweet spot doesn't mean price to performance it means a phone that has everything you want in a affordable price....I don't want 12GB ram or wireless charging ...but I want good camera , battery and affordable price
  12. That was actually a great phone when it came out...but this year OnePlus 7 pro's camera can't keep up with Pixel or iphone. I hope next year they will give camera more attention.
  13. I really liked the Pixel 3a but I needed a bigger battery and more storage. I can't really spent more than $400 on a phone right now. so, waiting for the 4a to be a better?