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  1. You can get one for less on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133901521157?hash=item1f2d271105%3Ag%3AgWQAAOSwLp5hZNlo&LH_BIN=1
  2. I saw that, but it looks like it could be the middle of November when they have it in stock, and then another few days for it to ship out. I was hoping for something sooner as the parts I don't have are coming in this next week at the latest.
  3. United States > Southern Oregon.
  4. I can only seem to find it on eBay and I don't think it would carry any warranty outside of 30 days there.
  5. What about this one? https://www.amazon.com/Acer-VG240Y-Pbiip-FREESYNC-Technology/dp/B07VFPYRP3
  6. Oh, thank you! That makes a lot more monitors I can look at then.
  7. It looks like it has just Freesync though. Or is the source I am looking at false?
  8. I am planning a new Mini-ITX Build for a table in my bedroom and am looking for a good 1080p monitor. What I am looking for is the cheapest with the following specifications: 1080p 22 to 24 inches 120 Hz refresh rate or better 1 ms response time (g2g) IPS panel G-sync or freesync compatible (I am connecting it to a 1070 Ti) Brand new (I want it to have warranty beyond 30 days)
  9. Where are you finding RTX 2060 for that price? I use eBay and the best within the OP's budget I can find is a GTX 980 for $260 which is just slightly better than a 1060 3GB based on some research I just did. https://www.ebay.com/itm/194430502915?epid=220560618&hash=item2d44f60803%3Ag%3ASloAAOSw7yxhY75W&LH_BIN=1
  10. Gamers Nexus has been doing a video series on prebuilds for the last few months. To say the least, they all have been lacking in my opinion, which is sad in the current PC environment.
  11. The sad part is that you are very unlikely to find any GPUs that are not inflated in price right now unless you are incredibly lucky. Your best bet is eBay for a GPU as there are no new ones in stock hardly anywhere.
  12. Please don't spend that much on a 3060 GPU. You can also do so much better than that for a Windows key. On top of that, you may not need a 3700X for gaming. If you are just gaming, 8 cores might be overkill. I would stick with something with 6 cores like a 3600 or a 5600X.
  13. Yep You can always upgrade the CPU later if need be. Saves some money.
  14. I can't say that I am familiar with those, so I could not give advice on CPU or amount of RAM. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable with those applications can say whether or not those parts are right for you.
  15. I don't think his CPU needs to be upgraded. 4 cores is enough for just gaming. Honestly, I would recommend faster RAM (3200 or 3600 @ CL 16), better motherboard (any B550 should work) and then seeing if the performance is better enough with the games you play. There is no need to spend nearly $500 for upgrades.