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  1. No sound in the headphones. Its like the OS doesn't even see the hardware. Is there a linux equivalent to device manager? I didn't try to install drivers etc. I would not even know where to start on that.
  2. I have an Asus Chromebox 3 i3 Intel that I have converted over to a linux machine using Pop OS. Everything seems to be working great including Bluetooth and wifi. But no audio. All I have in the sound panel is "Dummy Output". I have a HDMI monitor that has speakers, and I have plugged in headphones to the audio jack on the front. Still nothing. Any Idea about how to get audio up and running? I am a linux noob, so don't assume I did anything except turn it off and back on again.
  3. Just tried listening to the episode. It has the intro, but is just silent until about 30 min left in the episode.
  4. This is the first time that I watched a LTT video that really made me feel like they are just a shill for a company. I hope this is a one time mistake, and they get back to showing integrity in their sponsored videos. Sponsored videos about the company that is sponsoring the videos are fine, but at least pick products that are from companies that are trustworthy.
  5. Nobody huh? Or maybe im an idiot, and posted this in the wrong section ! Doh!
  6. Ok, so I am looking for some help putting together a shared headphone setup for my wife and I to be able to watch tv/movies togeather after the kids have gone to sleep. We use our apple TV, or my iPad generally when we watch. I have a pair of Apple Airpods that I love, and I would like to use them for this. My wife does not have wireless headphones, and we are willing to buy her some. I considered getting something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Avantree-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Receiver-Simultaneously/dp/B07BQYYDNJ/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&