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    In a dark hole somewhere
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    Pc building, Linux, Gaming, Server building and hardware and programming mostly in c#
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    Team AMD
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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    MSI B450 Pro carbon AC
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    16GB of corsair vengence @ 3000mhz
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    Asus Tuf Gtx 1650 Super
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    Corsair 275R
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    WD Green 240GB SSD and Toshiba P300 1TB HDD
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    Corsair TXM 650w
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    Windows 10
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    Not a laptop but a home server running Ubuntu Server

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  1. I think it might be from the front panel as I didn't hear or feel any difference inserting the card again, the latch still requires force to push down when the card is inserted
  2. Also isn't it unlikely for plastic to break off from inside the slot due to it being one piece of plastic
  3. I mean i did break a front panel holding stud and I don't know where the plastic fell from in the case, I'm not a pcie slot abuser
  4. So basically the latch is seated normally but unlike the rest of the slots the latch doesn't make a noticable click when i close it
  5. Pcie latch doesn't click like the rest so was thinking it came off of that specific slot but idek
  6. BC law states that they can let someone go without payment that would be payed out after that time period if they got the boot. I think?
  7. I used to use Cinnamon but now the only linux I use is the server edition with the CMD for my server lmao
  8. Make sure you're not mixing metals, that could lead to corrosion and could kill your system if it blocks the loop
  9. Ek do a pressure tester that fills the loop with air, I think? OP if you're looking for a easy alternative maybe get that?
  10. I think Linus mentioned in 'Upgrading our worst gaming rigs' that at the time Lloyd had just passed his probation, they do this to stop the audience (us) getting attached to some on-screen personality just for them to either leave or be let go in the first month or so. After the first month I think they are allowed on camera, for example one of Colin's first videos was that all wish pc build in which his voice was changed and his face blurred
  11. Not really needed but I'd build the loop outside the Pc and leave it running over night to test that there's no water leaks, then drain and rebuild inside of the system. Wouldn't recommend tap water for long term use