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    I7 7700K @3.6GHz
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    Vengeance 2x8 3000MHz
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    RTX 2070 WindForce
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    2TB Hard Drive
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    ACER KG251F 144Hz, HKC 60Hz
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    Arctic freezer 33 eSports one
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    G.SKILL KM780
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    Razer Deathadder
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    Razer Leviathan
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. I’m not really sure then because I followed a step by step and I can see it’s working properly and that I can join it myself. Looking at the properties, I can set a server IP which I’m not sure if that would help. As I said I’m new to this so I’m not sure what some stuff means.
  2. Aight i tried joining with another computer using my 192 address but it didn't work, so i guess im out of luck, and ill have to see in the middle east. thank you again for your help and i hope i didnt waste your time on this hehe...
  3. Damn, im moving anyways in a couple of days to the middle east and ill check if it works when im over there. thank you for the explanation and for your help as well.
  4. aight ill try that. if that doesnt help welp, i guess im stuck for now hehe... thank you for your help though
  5. ye im new to creating a server and net working stuff. what i have right now is a port forward of my IPv4 address to the 25565 (minecraft port code) and i have the firewall of my windows set to let MC and java get through. The server address i have tried connecting to in MC is my public IP the 124... meanwhile for my port forwarded address i used the 192... do i use the 192 address as a way to join the server? what my goal for this port forwarding and all this, i have a friend in canada i want to play with, i opened the server and i can connect using localhost as the server address. and i want
  6. Ye for the port forward i used my IPv4 address (i got it in cmd using ipconfig). and also what do you mean by i have to use my local IPv4 address, isnt that what im using right now? (typing ipconfig into cmd and under IPv4 address is what i port forwarded. So im basically out of luck if this doesnt work right?
  7. i used a mac book since its the only thing i have, i put my public IP address as the server address but i get a connection timed out error. even though i made exceptions in my firewall for java and minecraft and i also port forwarded.
  8. Ye, i gave my friend my public IP, i was told by another person that this is the way they can join. for me the IP starts with 124 and so on
  9. Ye i usually use the local IP. i made exceptions on my firewall for java and for minecraft both on UPD and UTP or however it goes. and im not really sure what you mean by connect via the local network. im using a LAN cable right now to the computer that has the server running. if you can give me a step by step on what to do, id be more than happy to try.
  10. Im not really sure what ISP means but im guessing internet service provider. I live in Asia and the ISP is called true. but the router can be configged with a home gateway from BaudTec
  11. I wanted to create my own hosting server on mine craft and i did all the steps on a whole bunch of tutorials and all. i can join the server by typing "localhost" in the server address but when friends type my public IP they get network errors. I have done port forwarding and made exceptions on my firewall so that the networks can get through but it still doesn't work. i asked help on discord and someone said they ran a MRP and found that my ISP is blocking they'r networks. The website i use to config my router (where i made my port forwarding) is called BaudTec (its pretty old). I also used Po
  12. Hi, i have wireless headphones and i also have a separate microphone (simple microphone with stand on desk), is there a way i can make the mute microphone button on my headphones mute my separate microphone. Ex. instead of lowering the output volume from the microphone to 0 (that how i mute mine) is there a way i can press the mute button on my headphones so that the microphone mutes? Or is all of this hardware related? Headphones i have: Razer Nari
  13. Hi, so I have the ROG STRIX B450 F gaming mobo and I want to buy the aero cool duo 12 pro fans but I’m a little confused if they are compatible on my mobo or not. I have watched multiple video about them but I’m still confused. The pack that I’m buying have 3 of the fans with the small hub. The fans plug into the hub via a 6 pin proprietary plug and then the hub plugs into a sata for power and this is where I’m confused, apparently there is also a 3 pin plug and a VDA plug but I’m pretty sure my mobo doesn’t have those (correct me if I’m wrong) but why would I need them if I have sata? The sim
  14. Hi, im getting a black screen after i log in. I have tried pressing ctrl alt delete and it says "failed to display security and shutdown options". I tried to restart while holding shift, also trying to run the task manager and doing everything i found on youtube. What do i do? Mother board is Asus ROG strix B450F gaming is you want to know the bios settings.