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Posts posted by MaxTheDog73

  1. I have a gtx 1060 3gb and it can do 400k+ ppd but I keep getting WUs that take around 8 hours to complete meaning it takes 2-3 days to complete and getting hardly any points, other than running 24/7 or intentionally causing a bsod is there anything I can do? I used to get much smaller WUs that would only take around 3 hours that I could complete the same day. However, my gpu is overclocked more than it used to be. 

  2. I have a very janky setup for discord at the moment. I want to use my headphones (beyerdynamic dt 770 pro) when gaming but it means I need discord to output through the headphones as otherwise I won't hear anything. As I don't have a microphone on my desktop at all I made a second discord account and use that to connect to the same voice channel do some muting (mute all outputs on my ipad and only myself on my pc) and use the second account on my iPad to get audio in. This solution is somewhat manageable but not ideal as I think it uses more internet and my internet can't cope as its rather slow. 


    So I think it's worth buying a mic for my desktop. I can get the modmic 4 at £35 with no mute switch and £50 with a mute switch (I don't think £15 for a mute switch is worthwhile). If anyone has the same headphones and me and has the modmic, is there enough space on the metal band for the magnet pad piece? Are there any alternatives or should I just buy a modmic?

  3. 2 hours ago, porina said:

    GPU might be unstable for compute uses. It can be more stressful, or at least differently stressful than gaming. If it is factory OC (most cards are), manually remove it.


    I have a GTX 970 like that, fine in games, but errors on compute quickly. I don't recall if it was the core or the ram that needed to be reduced since I haven't run it in a while.

    Oh ok, I've taken off my overclock (+150/+450) and I will see if that is more stable now


    Edit: it is more stable now, no errors since I removed the overclock

  4. 6 minutes ago, Gorgon said:

    I haven't had a 14123 WU but it is not unusual for the estimates to vary wildly at the start especially for CPU folding and to vary somewhat during the course of processing depending on how hard the math is for the calculations at that particular point.


    As long as the WUs arent failing (check the log) you should be OK

    Nothing in the log. It was about an hour in and its also a 7min TPF which I believe is quite high from the research I have done so far

  5. 18 hours ago, Chesusrice said:

    I too am new to this and with my 1060 6gb I am pulling 360kPPD with my GPU.  My CPU sucks, so all my points come from the GPU.

    I've managed to get only to 40kPPD with a R5 1600, using 10/12 threads, which is fine but the GPU nets 9x more points. I guess GPUs are far more suitable for the type of workload folding is, so do a much better job of it

  6. 15 hours ago, Rusted said:

    One thing to think about is how plan to run your card and where. Running it with full OC 24/7 in bedroom or living room with fans at 100% might not be pleasant. I have my RX card running with OC  but with under volt, fans are running on auto mode at 40% and temps are at 62C. I have my pc in living room and in current settings it doesn't bother me as it hums while crushing numbers 24/7. I would get more PPD with full OC, but then I would probably not last a month in that noise.

    It's not all about crazy PPD in short run, this is endurance thing ?

    I do have it in my bedroom but only around 50% fans and 70°C. I do often put music on and use headphones quite often when gaming so I never hear more than a hum. I understand its an endurance thing but I think I'm only going to fold during winter because its really nice having some extra heat in a victorian house with single glazed windows and only around 15°C during winter. 

  7. On 11/8/2018 at 7:20 PM, Gorgon said:

    Id give it a graphics clock offset first. Start with about +50, wait 10 minutes or so to check thermals then try another +10 or so. I can run my 1060s at 2050 and 2012 without crashing so you have some clock headroom left but it depends on the lottery. +75 should be safe but anything above that your risking crashes

    I've put it to +75/+500 for now. Making the core 1974MHz, I might take it a bit further, maybe to 2000. At the moment  I have the GPU on 350kPPD and the cpu at 50kPPD which isn't bad

  8. 19 hours ago, Gorgon said:

    I'm getting 397149PPD from a EVGA Short-board 6GB 1060 on Win 10 Pro 64 on a very demanding 11718WU currently. I normally yield 420-440kPPD on this. +75/+800 Graphics/Mem overclocks, Power Target maxxed, 70% Manual Fan. Typically 1999 - 2012MHz graphics clock.


    Granted the 3GB version has 1152 CUDA cores as opposed to the 1280 on the 6GB variants so I'd expect when pushed you should be able to produce 360-378kPPD. It should have a 120W TDP same as the 6GB variant so it might be able to push it harder as there's more power per CUDA core ...

    I have the power target maxed and a custom fan profile, I just let the turbo boost do the rest which takes it to around 1900MHz core at around 60-70°. It is always at voltage limit when under load so should I increase the core voltage? It's currently running at 330k ppd, on a WU that I started 20 mins ago. I also would have thought CPU folding performance would be better than 18kPPD for 10 threads at 3.4GHz.

  9. 30 minutes ago, FloRolf said:

    That 1060 seems very low. My 1050Ti does 180-200k so you should be sitting at at least 300k. Not sure what is causing this as fah usually behaves all the same on every system. Maybe you are running some background tasks? Can you check on GPU clockspeeds and usage? 



    Edit: oh, you turn gpu off when gaming. This greatly lowers your ppd for this one WU you paused. Have you paused the WU that is currently being shown? 

    Unfortunately I started that one yesterday just before I turned of gpu folding, so the estimated credit is much lower. Also the previous WU showed an estimated credit of 35,000 meaning it was around 300k ppd, but without pausing or slowing it, I only seemed to get 15,000 from it. GPU - core: 1911MHz, memory - 3802MHz, at around 70°C. I have also noticed that gpu voltage is only 1.062 which is lower than I thought it would be, is it normal?.

  10. I have set folding@home to work only on idle. It is set to full folding power. I set my PC to turn the display off after 3 mins and I hear some noise from it when the screen turns off but then when I view usage it shows that around 1-5% cpu and gpu is being used, apart from a spike when I move the mouse to get the displays back on. Do I need to set things up differently to make it fold while I'm idle?