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  1. banned for not knowing how to give a reason to why there is no reason to give a reason for no reason
  2. you all are banned for absolutely no reason
  3. banned for not knowing my last case had even worse airflow ?
  4. Banned for having the same computer case i have
  5. Banned for banning to early in the day
  6. i thought the same thing after like 2months of comparing ... but i'm doubting to keep saving and get a 1060 6gb .. if i'm sure the rx580 8gb can handle all the games i tend to play spotless i dont see a point to spend more or save more tho
  7. hi , i'm looking to upgrade my gpu and i have a budget of 200usd max as the title says after searching and searching vie come up with rx570 or rx580, i do not care if its amd or nvidia but i do care for "bang for the buck " ? relevant specs are cpu = ryzen 5 2600 gpu = msi gtx960 2gb edition ram = 16gb ddr4 2666mhz ssd = 500gb crucial mx500 mass storrage = 2 tb baracuda (2016) psu = cooler master 600w case = Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5 RGB the games i play the most are ARK Planet coaster fortni