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  1. Hey I am in a project which include linus saying LTTstore.com I can't tell why i need that but soon when it will release you will know. I know he says that now many times but browsing through footage will take time and i need 14 clips. So can you help me with that? You can just tell me timestamps in any video where he says Lttstore.com
  2. taking a computer enthusiast test between every tech youtuber.
  3. hey i made a GaryVee montage and i want to him to see my video is there any tips that I should Do I have posted the link in every recent tweet of his companies but not on Instagram.
  4. hey, Thetechlog.com is my site and It take upto 18 second to load I have a 90 percent bounce rate with that. I have my servers with wix.com I have another problem sometime The blog just dont load Please help