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  1. so you are saying if someone is nice they are not doing illegal stuff? being nice and respectful has nothing to do with braking the law, the worst ones are the ones that are nice and hide their crimes better. id say younger people are not has into it as the older Japanese generation that grew up with it
  2. again thats just what people who make it say to have it be aloud. thats just pedos trying to Justify cartoon child porn
  3. its a thing, just google it, in the 90's (i think 90's) they had tons of ads even a Pokemon ad where a pokemon was lifting up the skit of a girl who looked very very young. wearing a schoolgirl outfit well if 14 is legal in japan then all stuff they want in the US should comply with OUR laws. we are not backwards pedo japan that allows child sex.
  4. I can stand by that, but lolis are just for people who want to watch child porn but don't want to go to jail for it. it being in a show is different but I said if you look up the word loli, if your googling that you are probably doing it to jack off to it. okay but games where the main goal is to just kill is diffrent, you don't play GTA to just kill people or COD, or r6, if you play games like haterd then you might have issues in your brain. its all on the context of the game. all these loli games are games where you romance, date then have sex with the person. in m
  5. that tells you a lot about anime and the people who made it then. japan is known for having a culture around sexuallizing underage girls. that doesn't make it right
  6. so, you can draw a person who looks like a kid and just add big tits and that makes it not a kid anymore? also when I was in school even middle school some girls had huge breast for their age. girls hit puberty at age 11-12 sometimes even younger. so yes they can.
  7. I think there should be a disagree button, I know I read the post saying if you disagree just to comment why, but I feel that causes a lot more flaming and arguments then just pressing an I disagree button and then moving on, its turns into a ego battle when two people who will not agree no matter what just keep going at each other until staff step in to stop it.

  8. no its when the people who are being sexualized look underage and are meant to look underage is when its an issue. there are tons of games on steam with nudity or DLC that makes the nudity not censored (and its free DLC not paid just to bypass valves rules) just look up the game house party, its literally a sex simulator and its still on steam with no issues.
  9. lol yeah saying it looks like a schoolgirl not a child is a bad defense. as most people in school are underage. maybe if they said it looks like a college girl. but pedos will be pedos and try to justify everything they do
  10. I agree with vavle. if you even look up the word loli once you should be raided and sent to jail, cartoon kids does not make it better then real kids
  11. if you can weld it wont be hard, just find a metal bar and weld it on. or see if you know someone who can
  12. I feel like you need a stand with a support bar under it that connects to where you put it on the wall and the edge of the part the camera sits on but if a car driving by can shake the church maybe they just need to build a better church
  13. help me how? my paypal is permanently limited ive called them many times and they cant do anything about it. once its permanently limited your banned from paypal forever unless you make a new one with all new info like new bank. CC. SSN etc.. or buy a stealth paypal account from those hacking websites. no shit Sherlock. but I don't care about $25 as you can see by the thread I care about a kid scamming and wanted to see if there was anyway to report them so they can't anymore. I believe in working for money not taking it from people who do. only kids like you care about money mo
  14. well then you are not very good at talking to support agents.
  15. for warranty you just don't tell the manufacturer you bought it used and its fine, say it was a gift so you don't need to show a receipt or POP ask for pics with time stamps and pay with paypal only , even if it is a scam he can take the money and run but you will still get your money back just the paypal he is using will go negative.