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  1. thanks dude! what about the prime one? the strix costs a lot! 222euros instead of 180!
  2. whats a good ram? is the trident z rgb 3200mhz good?
  3. hey guys, i choose the 2700x as my new cpu! but lots and lots of problem came up! watching some vids on the net i saw that zen+ still works a lot better with fast ram! sooooo now the question.. let's say that a mobo support up to 3400mhz can i go higher or its just the limit supported? whats the sweet spot for ram speed on this cpu? lets talk about costs the 3200mhz is the more affordable the higher i go the more 60 to 100 euros i spend. so about that if i take the x470 auros ultra gaming , 2700x , tridentz rgb 3200mhz i spend around 644euros but
  4. ohh thats cool but yeah ...idk even how to put it up.. i think i should look for a case that have the bay or an external drive..
  5. i just have the drive but no bay in the new case..
  6. hey guys, quick question, i want to buy a new case, but it doesnt support an interal optical drive.. what i have to buy in order to use my internal drive on the outside? like usb to sata? but what about the power cable? does the usb to sata bottleneck the drive read speed? thanks!
  7. what about an i5 8600k is selling for 270euros-- instead of the 2700x?
  8. so an 1800x right now is not having anymore problem?
  9. but what about all the system instability have they been fixed?
  10. im probably not going to oc the cpu.. thats why id go for an higer stock ghz! i know that the difference in prize is a lot but idk.. 8j
  11. Hello, i have a problem about choosing my new cpu, could you help me resolve it? about that, AMD or Intel? intel is expensive as hell.. an i7 costs about 450 euros and im not willing to take an i5 that still cost like 320 euros.. i would rather spend the extra 80 to get the 7.. i know its great but mannn... its a lot.. thats why i was thinking about ryzen.. the ryzen 7 1800x (first gen) costs like 264 euros.. it comes without a heatsink, but im willing to buy it anyway (ill explain l8er on ) but now there's the problem, should i go for a first gen zen cp