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  1. I got an HD 6670 2GB DDR3 for $12.69 so thatll do
  2. that is one fast 1100T, but for under $200 obv an RX 570 or 580 new if you go used you can get those two for cheaper
  3. Ive seen the HD 5850 mw2 edition on google and stuff, is the card rare at all? Ive only seen one HIS 5850 on ebay
  4. Hi, my HD 7750 died and I want to get a cheap low power gpu budget is ~$20 and I wanna bid on an ebay auction. The card needs to be 75w or under. - NO I cannot increase my budget - NO I cannot get a card above 75w This is for my little brothers pc and he doesnt need much horsepower in it
  5. may have been, I got flatout 2 on pc to see if it was the game. one map looks familiar Have you played the game personally? either of the 1 or 2?
  6. if it is burnout it wouldnt be a crash mode, the game was pure racing
  7. Def was not most wanted, I played that for about a decade so 100% not that game Ill look more into burnout games there are a lot
  8. for the next 8 years as an office pc that would work yes, keep the cpu as it will be useful years from now. DO NOT get a 4 core as in 8 years itll be like a core 2 duo in 2019 keep the cpu and keep the ram. 4c 4t in the year 2027 wont be very good, he said 8 years
  9. Hi, back in 2008 I played a PS2 racing game. I don't know much information about the game but I know a tiny bit, so maybe you guys could toss out some titles and ill look into them Im trying to remember the game just to check it out again We go back to 2008 and I got a racing game for the PS2, I don't believe it was super expensive at the time so could've been an older game I remember you could blow up gas stations in the game if you ran into them. Again this is a shot in the dark I don't remember much at all, I can recall the maps but can't explain them.
  10. again I'm not looking to buy one I know that they're all just re brands within the tesla architecture was just wondering why there was few and the comment above this one says that they dont believe that they were made for that long so that answers my question
  11. well I guess im not really bad at using the internet lol
  12. I'm not looking to get one, just curious of why I couldnt find one
  13. I know but you can find the ones below a 150 quite easily
  14. What ever happened to the 100 series? I can find the 140 and below but the 150 is no where to be found, am I bad at searching or is there just none?