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  1. I would be that's why they gave such a bad GPU in the system, or even provided a Dell machine rather than an Alienware like Jake said. When I worked in phone sales my commission was mostly line activations and insurance plans, with small percentages for upgrades and accessory sales. It's a repugnant sales tactic, but very invasive in that world.
  2. I ended up going with a Corsair Katar Pro Wireless. It's about the right size, has an RF (Slipstream) connection, and can do bluetooth connectivity. It's a bit cheap feeling, but it was only about $25 USD before tax. Thanks for the help though!
  3. Which makes it all the more difficult to get something decent. To my knowledge the MX Master uses a BT dongle rather than a technology like Lightspeed, which makes it more or less a nonstarter for video games. I've tried the G604 and it felt excessive for FPSs, as well as being too big. I'd be cool with something from Razer or any other reputable brand, too.
  4. I'm looking for a mouse in a similar vein to a G603 in that it has both an RF dongle and the ability to connect using bluetooth, but in a shape similar to the G305. I'll be using the mouse across a Windows desktop and a MacBook Pro, so that ease of migration is vital for me. Thanks!