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    Tasuma reacted to RAM555789 in Mitx upgrade build   
    He wants a build he will be able to enjoy something now. Then later when he has the money build something expensive and he can sell off this one like the last one.
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    Tasuma reacted to DioOmicida in I think I got it this time!!   
    Build looks good to me.
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    Tasuma got a reaction from ARikozuM in Red team build   
    I haven't had issues with 8gb and if i need more I can always pick it up later. 
    FireCuda I've heard is quiet and still can pull up processes that I need to keep on HDD faster but could just grab a red. I like my system quiet.
    I don't want a 580/480
    I go over budget a bit too much, I've had 0 issues with my CX serious psu. 
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    Tasuma got a reaction from brob in Red team build   
    I will pick one depending on the board. Since they haven't released any Mitx am4 boards yet. If it is on the bottom I will just pick up a 2.5". =)
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    Tasuma reacted to ARikozuM in Node 202 downsize   
    You're correct in this case.
    dex was wrong in this case.
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    Tasuma got a reaction from Vigilante505 in Asus VG248Qe not waking up   
    All fixed. I unplugged it and plugged it back in before. Never had this issue with a display before. Thanks for the help.
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    Tasuma got a reaction from ivan134 in Overwatch felt Meh   
    I know. I would sit literally on the payload and just be a turret for it. Worked 100% of the time 80% of the time.
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    Tasuma got a reaction from DaiGurenMK42 in Cool "newbie" projects   
    Thanks for all that information! Everyday but today because I needed to sleep some, I've taken hundreds of photos, all manual mode, and I have literally 3 I like a lot. About 20 or so that aren't horrible and 600+ that are pieces of shit. Next weekend I have off so I plan on going out to a local nature preserve and spending the day taking shots there. Gonna work with lighroom this week once I am back home at my main rig. My little atom laptop can't do crap. lmao
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    Tasuma got a reaction from WhiteWolf117 in Cool "newbie" projects   
    If I had the feet for it! ;D Sadly hell no. lmao
  10. Funny
    Tasuma got a reaction from AlbinoTexan in Cool "newbie" projects   
    If I had the feet for it! ;D Sadly hell no. lmao
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    Tasuma reacted to ALwin in Cool "newbie" projects   
    And No.2) practice and experiment, and after that analyze.
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    Tasuma reacted to ShadowCaptain in Cool "newbie" projects   
    Project number 1) Learn how to use the camera
  13. Agree
    Tasuma reacted to DaiGurenMK42 in Cool "newbie" projects   
    Practice in general. Learn to use Lightroom. Go outside, use full manual. Stay outside for hours. Freeze your tits off. Come back. Find out that out of the 1000 pictures you took that only 5 are worth editing. Edit them. Find people. Show them your pictures. Those people said it's shit. Always. Repeat the process. Get better. Realize your pictures were shit before. But now are better. Ask people again. They are still shit. Repeat for 5 years. Spend thousands of dollars on lens, lights etc. You convince yourself you are good now. You have the equipment and practice with over 10000000000000000000000000*Infinite pictures (but obviously you had to delete 99% of them because you didn't upgrade your computer). This is enough to convince others that your Instagram is worth following because of the 50 good pictures you have. You get 10 new followers in 10 months. You realize you can do better. You go to a convention because nobody else wants you to take pictures of them and their child, you creep. You do it for free. You take the pictures and edit them and give them away. Congratulations. You did something with the thousands of hours of practice. This motivates you. You end up taking pictures of cats for fun. Your reputation is ruined because you posted them on Instagram. You lost 50 followers. Later you end up upgrading your computer, congratulations you have a Mac. You got 2K followers because you posted you have a Mac. You get an actual job with money, it's not much but it's enough for now. You spend that well earned 5 dollars on an Ice Cream. You become an Instagram food person. You are ruined, with no hope of turning it back around. You give up. You go outside. With your camera. And take a picture. You don't care if its good or not because its your picture and it is what you want to do. You are finally happy. OP keep taking those pictures. 
    Edit: Or do this. 
    Following are some of the key terms that can be used to describe the visual or graphic elements of a photograph.
    1.     Light
    Frontlit: Light comes from the camera position few shadows.
    Sidelit: Light comes from the side, shadows cast to the side.
    Backlit: Light comes towards camera, front of subject is shaded.
    Direct light: Hard-edged, often dark, shadows.
    Directional-diffused light: Distinct, but soft-edged shadows.
    Diffused or revealing light: No, or almost no, shadows.
    Silhouette: Subject very dark against light background.
    Glowing light: Light comes or seems to come from the subject itself.
    Take one for each category
    2.     Tone & Contrast
    High Key: Mostly light tones.
    Low Key: Mostly dark tones.
    Full Scale: Many tones of black, grey and white.
    High Contrast: Very dark and very light areas, with few middle greys.
    Low Contrast: Mostly middle greys.
    3.     Texture
    Emphasized: Usually due to light hitting the subject at an angle – textures stands out. Light skims across the subject’s surface, producing small shadows that cause the details of texture to become apparent.
    Minimized: Usually due to light coming from the camera position, textures become less apparent / flattened. Light hits the subject straight on, producing very few shadows and the texture is not clearly revealed.
    4.     Focus & Depth of Field
    Sharp overall: The entire photograph is in focus. If a photograph is sharp overall, the viewer is more likely to see all parts of it as having equal value. Reports use to allow unbiased perspective. Photojournalism use sharp overall focus.
    Soft Focus: The entire photo is gently out of focus. It a photograph has no one clear point of focus; it tends to give the photo an ethereal quality.
    Selective Focus: One part is sharp, others are not.
    Shallow Depth of Field: Short distance between nearest and farthest sharp areas.
    Extensive Depth of Field: Considerable distance between nearest and farthest sharp areas.
    5.     Viewpoint
    Eye-level: The image is captured from a natural standing point of view. Camera angled directly at the subject.
    Overhead, low level or unusual point of view: The image is captured by looking down or up at a subject. This flattens space and reduces a subject to its graphic elements. It can exaggerate its height or size.
    Frame: The way the edges of the photograph meet the shapes in it.
    6.     Space and Perspective
    Shallow Space: Most objects seen close together in depth.
    Deep Space: Objects seen at different distances in space.
    Positive space or figure: The most important form in the composition. Often represented as a key figure against a background which contextually adds to the “story” of the individual.
    Negative space or ground: That which surrounds the figure. Figure and ground are not always fixed and can be reversed. Consider a pencil drawing on a white piece of paper, the paper represents the ground.
    Compressed perspective or telephoto effect: The scene seems to occupy an unusually shallow depth. This is achieved with a telephoto lens being fully extended, which will compress the distances between objects even if there is a considerable distance between them. Using a telephoto lens most effectively demonstrates this result.
    Expanded perspective or wide-angle distortion: Parts of the scene stretched or positioned unusually far apart. Lines can bulge and curve. This is achieved with a wide angle lens fully opened and causes distortions in perspective and scale. Using a fish eye lens most effectively demonstrates this result.
    7.     Line
    Curved: curving angles like stage, cloud, rainbow
    Straight: finding strong dominant use of straight, entire picture, train tracks, architecture
    Horizontal: same ^ buildings
    Vertical: same ^ fences
    Diagonal: Strong compositional lines cutting from corner to corner
    Implied: Such as created by the direction of someone’s gaze follows, baseball throw arc before thrown, the arc it creates
    8.     Balance
    This is bases on an internal, physical response.  Does the image feel in balance or does it tilt or feel heavier in one part more so than another?
    Take 5 pictures which displays a composition you feel captures Balance effectively, at least 3 differently.
    Day 1. Plan
    Day 2. Shoot
    Day 3. Shoot
    Day 4. Shoot
    Day 5. Submit
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    Tasuma reacted to LinusTech in The Twitter Crappenings, Episode 1: Twitter Shadowbanning ‘Real and Happening Every Day’ Says Inside Source   
    Well, I think it's clear from Misanthrope's presence on the site that we don't have a shadowbanning policy in place to suppress people we don't agree with 
    Seriously though, anyone saying "it's just Twitter, bruh" needs to get their head in the game. There's so much potential for abuse here and it is disheartening for me to see this. Added to WAN Show discussion for this week. 
  15. Agree
    Tasuma reacted to FruitBasketSilex in PURE WINGS 2 with nh-d15   
    Love your signature.
  16. Agree
    Tasuma reacted to Samppa221 in Video editing newbie question   
    Well if you just have limited space of ssd you could have your most used and recent stuff and then archive it to a normal hard drive.
  17. Informative
    Tasuma reacted to eLucid in If your parents take away your phone......they could face up to 6 months in jail!   
    I'm genuinely curious here, how does one kindly say "fuck off"? If you were my child - you would've been sent to boarding school.
    The moment I feel like I have to hit my child, that's the day they're out of the house. Enough said.
  18. Agree
    Tasuma got a reaction from Enderman in 8 vs 16 gb of ram for video editing   
    Godbless! Well 16gb it is! 
  19. Like
    Tasuma got a reaction from UltraNeonGaming in Seagate Hit with Class Action Lawsuit for High Failure Rates   
    Oh yea! I've never had a seagate drive and all of mine have failed! But really, I used an old 750gb one from a client who gave me an old PC and it was fine. It was a few years old at that point. Pretty sure it was on the verge of dying but replaced it when I got my 1tb blue. Seemed to work fine personally.
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    Tasuma got a reaction from dmegatool in Cheap ssd   
    My brain just stopped working tonight. I am prob just gonna grab an A-data and an external enclosure for it. Portable SSD with linux.  
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    Tasuma got a reaction from iamdarkyoshi in Video idea: daily use peripherals in a head to head battle to determine the best available   
    I spend hours making dozens of builds I'll probably never get. oh that sweet 30k build if I ever win the lotto.
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    Tasuma reacted to BrinkGG in Mass Storage HDD for recording   
    2TB WD Red should get you started. How much storage you need will depend on resolution, software you use to record and length (obviously.) 
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    Tasuma got a reaction from Sanctorum in rate this £1000 build   
    All good mate! No offense taken. I'll work on being more specific when posting. I sometimes forget people can be new to this whole pc thing. 
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    Tasuma reacted to Gulthuk in First gaming pc.   
    Hello everyone I am currently putting together my first gaming PC build as I am switching from consoles to PC. Ive spent a few weeks researching and have come up with a build for a gaming PC that can run current games at high setting which is what I am looking for. The idea was simply that I wanted a good gaming machine that performed better than a ps4 or Xbox one and one that was in a case that I really liked. The following is my build. Please let me know what you think and if possible if I can really expect it to handle current games at good settings.
    CPU- Intel I5 4460 (quad core 3.2ghz)
    RAM- 8GB Corsair Vengeance (2x4gb)
    HDD- Western Digital Blue
    GPU- XFX Radeon Double D R9 280 3gb (ddr5)
    pSU- Sea Sonic S12II bronze 80+ 520w
    Case- Cuboid Blue
    That is my build. A few upgrades I plan on doing relatively shortly after building it is getting a Samsung EVO ssd as well as an additional 8gb of Ram. Thank you for looking and any advice you have. I only ask that it stay in this case and stay in the roughly 700 range I have for my budget. Thank you for reading.
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    Tasuma reacted to Djole123 in Switching from ATX to ITX   
    Nice job!