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    Trinopoty got a reaction from V3noe in Ultrawide choice   
    Looks good. I didn't find that one when I was looking.
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    Trinopoty got a reaction from V3noe in Ultrawide choice   
    I've been eyeing this one for a while. But I guess this also meets your criteria. Both are curved though.
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    Trinopoty got a reaction from Electronics Wizardy in Problem with running cloud games with Hyper-V VM   
    VMs usually emulate a mouse as an absolute pointing device instead of a relative difference device (which a real mouse is). Basically, you're trying to game with something like a Wacom tablet (or a touchscreen and only one finger). Try either passing a USB hub or a mouse through to the VM so it has a real mouse.
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    Trinopoty reacted to Lurick in Leaked password   
    It's from a password leak on some website. Change your passwords wherever you still use that one but beyond that it's an attempt to extort money, delete it and forget it.
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    Trinopoty reacted to Hyrogenes in Why is this happening?   
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    Trinopoty got a reaction from Wictorian in Why you can't simulate an universe - interesting paradox   
    I'll chime in my two cents. And I'll add that I haven't read all the previous comments.
    Most physics simulators that run on desktop grade hardware are just trimmed down (very trimmed down) emulations that get the job done good enough.
    If you need more accuracy, you need to consider much more data points and need that much more processing power to compute those data points. Processing power that you can't find in a desktop level computer. That's why people spend billions of dollars building supercomputers.
    You can essentially take the same models that supercomputers run, remove about 99 percent of the data points and have it run "good enough" on your home PC.
    Professional engineering simulations take into account data points that they deem necessary, which does not cover all possible data points, and even those take a beefy systems to run.
    So yes, at the current stage, with our current understanding and technology, it's difficult to accurately simulate any universes on an atomic level. But we can kind of make good enough simulations without going down to the atomic level.
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    Trinopoty reacted to Neftex in Palit send me a BIOS file that has broken my 3070   
    why did you even want to update?
    then why did you not listen?
    every good guide on bios flashing tells you to save the old bios first.
    "long story short" doesnt really tell us much, you might have fucked up and given the support wrong hardware information or the support fucked up
    you can ask around forums and provide the most accurate details of your card, maybe someone can get you the original bios
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    Trinopoty reacted to jaslion in Custom Monitor Size - Revit   
    I mean just get a regular monitor and turn it to it's side. You are simply limited to existing aspect ratio's basically.
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    Trinopoty reacted to charlie_root in put my own server in the datacenter   
    There are places that do this, but if you're just trying to avoid a monthly cost, it won't help you. You will still pay monthly/yearly to rent the space in the datacenter, even if you own the server. This would likely cost more than just renting someone else's bare metal server and way more than a VPS. It's only a good option if you have a big deployment or need to actually own the hardware.
    There are other things to consider too. If you need to issue a hard reboot to the server, you'll have to drive over there, get signed in and escorted to the rack, and physically push the reset button. If you need OOB console access, same thing. If a disk dies, same thing. It's either that, or you would have to pay for remote hands to do it for you if you can't get there. With a VPS, you can usually do that through the VPS provider's control panel, and they would obviously take care of any hardware issues.
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    Trinopoty got a reaction from Eigenvektor in WHY is Node.js consuming so much ram on my laptop   
    You do realize that 124MB is not a whole lot of RAM. It's actually rather low usage I'd say.
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    Trinopoty reacted to Slottr in What is your favourite IDE?   
    I mean, I like different IDE's for different things
    The glorified text editors like Atom are nice but lack features I enjoy from jetbrains software or xcode
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    Trinopoty reacted to suicidalfranco in Another ARM(1) - Apple event introduces new low-end Macs as well as updated OS   
    "Now that Apple is out of the intel train they gonna make cheaper macs"
    they said
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    Trinopoty reacted to BuckGup in Another ARM(1) - Apple event introduces new low-end Macs as well as updated OS   
    Macbook air is the best selling laptop because it's the cheapest macbook people can buy and still have a macbook to gloat and show off with lol
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    Trinopoty reacted to Prodigy_Smit in Dual gpu (amd&nvidia)   
    Its possible. But it would be an absolute pain in the ass to setup and if you go with it I expect a lot more troubleshooting posts by you on the forum. 
    All in all its a bad idea.
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    Trinopoty reacted to WereCat in Does anyone else do fake "Touch typing"?   
    I don't understand how can people use right shift 
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    Trinopoty reacted to Delicieuxz in China proposes global digital rules against cyber-attacks, backdoors, foreign surveillance, and for user data to be respected   
    China and Russia already have a cyber-security pact under which they agree they will not hack each other.
    However, China would like to get everybody involved and is proposing an international initiative that would regulate how governments conduct activities in the tech sector and towards other countries. The proposals call for respecting user data and they forbid backdoors in technology, foreign surveillance, cyber-attacks and data-theft between nations, as well as some other things.
    No mass snooping, coercion or backdoors: China pokes US in the eye with global digital rules proposal
    Upholding Multilateralism, Fairness and Justice and Promoting Mutually Beneficial Cooperation
    It sounds great and would be wonderful to have in place, but I doubt it will be accepted. Many years ago, Russia proposed a cyber-security treaty with the US, but the US ignored the proposal. Then, a few year ago, Russia again proposed the establishment of an agreement on the rules of conduct of governments towards each other in cyberspace, and the US also rejected that proposal.
    The US probably has a lot more skin in the cyber game than anyone, and the Chinese proposals against backdoors, foreign surveillance, and for respecting user data would be particularly inconvenient for the US government, given its propensity to leveraging those things.
    NSA Built Back Door In Microsoft’s All Windows Software by 1999
    Barack Obama 'approved tapping Angela Merkel's phone 3 years ago'
    U.S. Agencies Said to Swap Data With Thousands of Firms
    In related news, that illegal thing the NSA did was illegal: NSA surveillance exposed by Snowden was illegal, court rules seven years on. But programs like those will surely continue anyway.
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    Trinopoty reacted to Biomecanoid in Use displayport for fast data transfer   
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    Trinopoty reacted to JP! in Serial key   
    Log-in with a Microsoft account on windows, then it will backup your digital license to MS and you can try to use it on a different machine, but i am not sure it will work due to licensing / OEM rules.
    If you need your Windows10 key, try Magic Jelly Bean Key Finder, but since W10 does not uses the product key as in previous versions, i am not sure you will get what you want.
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    Trinopoty reacted to Vanye111 in KVM switch minus the V part (USB switch)   
    I use this one:
    (On my phone and the Amazon app isn't giving me a share link)
    I've had it about three weeks and it's been seamless.  The only issue is that the ports are mislabeled. The devices you're sharing get plugged into the "output" ports, while the computers are on the "input" side.  The vendor says that's how they view it, this device inputs peripherals to the computers.
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    Trinopoty reacted to Moonzy in If you can't beat 'em, join em - 30 Anime Studios launch joint YouTube channel of free anime.   
    just hope it's not region locked for too long
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    Trinopoty got a reaction from Eigenvektor in Eclipse vs IntelliJ Idea   
    IntelliJ blows Eclipse clean out of the water when it comes to Java.
    The only down side of IntelliJ is that there are different products for different platforms/languages whereas Eclipse provides everything in one using plugins.
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    Trinopoty got a reaction from Warin in Has PUBG mobile ruined the Indian gaming community?(how can we revive it?)   
    Old people have always blamed the new and shiny thing. They blamed the radio, TV, movies, social media and now video games. It's nothing new.
    The parents not being able to deal with their child's addiction is the real problem.
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    Trinopoty reacted to Levent in safe to delete? hyberfil.sys   
    FYI you are not running that command as admin and that might be why its failing.
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    Trinopoty got a reaction from Kilrah in Unlucky with power supplies? 3 dead in 5 years.   
    I'd check your house's power circuit. It could be causing voltage fluctuations or other issues that the PSUs are correcting for constantly, leading to reduces life.
    Either that or you are the most unlucky person I've seen.
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    Trinopoty got a reaction from Drama Lama in Has PUBG mobile ruined the Indian gaming community?(how can we revive it?)   
    This isn't a problem at all. Let people play what they want. Whether they want to move up to PC/Console or continue on Mobile, it's their choice and it doesn't effect anyone else.