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  1. This is my CMOS clear pin. But how do I do it does it have a special thing that comes with the mother board or do I just thouch it with a random wire or screw driver
  2. So I was using my computer and it was totally fine the power went out. Came back, turned it back on now the CPU lights up the fans turn GPU RGB everything seems to work. But my keyboard and monitors aren't working. Even the power on button only turns on the computer now and doesn't do the manual shut down. Also worth noting I have the computer plugged into a surge protector. What do I do now ?
  3. Hey guys so I have a dual monitor set up. One of the two an Optix Mag24c all of a sudden started flickering with these weird back and grey lines. The other one is totally fine. I tried everything using an HDMI instead of the DP I'm using. Checking for driver updates restarting. This all started on its own it didn't fall I changed nothing it just went crazy on its own. Does this mean the panel is dead or worse a GPU problem. I really don't have the money to replace it so if someone can help me that would be amazing.
  4. So you think the ips pannel is worth sacrificing the refresh rate? Also the editing is work and gaming is for fun.
  5. so im buying a used monitor and i have one of two options,they both cost the same. i game a bit usually fps games but i also do alot of editing work and i was wondering which one would be best? LG 29UM69G-B 29": (this one is 29" ultra wide) https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16824025516 samsung: 24" CHG70 Gaming Monitor with Quantum Dot: (this one is 24") https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/monitors/gaming/32--chg70-gaming-monitor-with-quantum-dot-lc32hg70qqnxza/
  6. Hi so im upgrading some components. Im kinda brokeish and im shipping it over seas so i need to make sure it all fits. Existing parts: Gtx 970 strix Cooler master 212 fan New parts: Ryzn 5 2600 (idk if i should just get like the 1600 since i already have a graphics card and this is already kinda stretching my budget of 100- 150$) Gigabyte GA-AB350 (any better suggestions would be amazing) Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x4 kit
  7. Is all i need for the motherboard to be compatible is LGA 1155?
  8. So the ram slots on my motherboard got fried and now i need to replace it, but i dont know with what since my cpu and gpu are kinda old. CPU: intel 2500k GPU: Ausus Strix GTX 970 I would like to know if i can get something to accommodate both of them but also be compatible with newer generation parts so i can maybe upgrade in the future. Also will it support over clocking? Thanks in advance :)