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  1. I'm thinking of using linux on my laptop but the software provided by HP is only for windows (like HP Command Center which is useful to change cooling settings) and I'm afraid some hardware won't work on it like the windows hello fingerprint reader and touch display, so if anyone has used linux on a laptop from HP, are there any caveats to know about? Also regarding the FN button, is there a way to use it to create shortcuts in linux?
  2. I'm planning to get a new monitor, but is it even worth getting 1440p 144hz 27" right now or should I wait for 4k 144hz 27" to become cheaper and the next graphics cards as I can't even get one right now?
  3. I'm looking for a laptop around 600€(can wait on sales) with touch display(with pen) and around a ryzen 5 4500U. Was looking at the dell Inspiron 14 7000 but heard that the display has quite a few problems. Are there any other laptops of a similar price that would be better?
  4. I'd like to buy these headphones in Europe, but Amazon doesn't deliver them to my country(Slovenia). Can anyone tell me where they are sold?
  5. Will try it out once I get home. Looks promising, I'll just have to learn to set the server as a drive. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Can freefilesync make incremental backups or would it be better to find some other backup software for that?
  7. I'm new to backup servers and need help setting up a home backup server running Linux. The server should have incremental backups and have cross-platform support. How would I go about making one and which software do you recommend? Also how would I setup raid 1 and do I need any special hardware? If you have any advice I would appreciate it as well.
  8. I ran the short drive test and everything seemed fine. I'll have time to run the long one tomorrow and hopefully, there aren't any errors. Under statistics, it says my drive isn't supported. There are some errors, but I have no idea what these errors mean. It probably was just a windows error. I'm still going to be looking for any signs of failure for a bit, but I think the drive will stay alive. WDC_WD10EZEX-08WN4A0_WD-WCC6Y7LKFFTA_2019-02-10.txt
  9. I had windows on a HDD, but it failed to boot today. I reinstalled windows on my ssd drive and it booted normally. I checked the drive and I didn't notice anything missing. The only weird part was that the user file took long to open. Looked like windows explorer was searching for files. After that I found everything. Is the drive save to use as a main or backup drive or should I just get rid of it?
  10. EU prices are weird and the difference in price is like 5€ between those two, while between 9600k and 2700x it's about 25€.
  11. Are there any examples of games that utilize 8 cores already, since most games still use 4 cores?
  12. I'm looking for a new CPU and the price of upgrading to Ryzen 7 2700x is nearly identical to I5-9600k. I'm mostly going to use the system for gaming and will be overclocking so I want to know, which is better. Since I5-9600k is only weaker for its lower core count and most games usually prefer more powerful cores, is the Ryzen core better than the I5. For cooling, I'll use the Dark rock TF which is enough for the I5 processor but will it be enough for the Ryzen processor. Also which popular games use 6 or 8 cores and could utilise the entirety of these cores.