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    Ryzen 2600X
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    Asus rog strix B450-e gaming
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    16gb HyperX fury
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    Gigabyte Rx 580
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    Phantek p400 black TG edition
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    Samsung SSD 970 EVO 500gb
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    Corsair Cx 650m
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    AOC 24" C24G1 Curved (1500R) 144 Hz
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    Ducky one 2 tkl RGB
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    Steelseries rival 310
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    2x Alaric 4l speakers + logitech subwoofer
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    Windows 10 home

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  1. Good to know. I'll try to hunt down some appropriate 12" foam rings then.
  2. I have two speakers of the model shown below, and I know the question about how good they sound may sound a bit weird, but hear me out. Both foam rings on the sub drivers are completely rotted thru, and I haven't heard how good they can sound. Because of that I want to know if it's worth refoaming them or not, or if I should just get a new pair of speakers.
  3. I have a router and some ethernet cables, but nothing more. We don't want wifi on the first floor just on the second. And yes, we have an isp. it's fiber and the modem is already stuck onto the wall. The speed is 100 up and 100 down.
  4. I have a home network to set up. The modem and TV is on the bottom floor, and the two kids-rooms are on the top floor. I want ethernet connectivity to the tv and both kids-rooms, plus an extra cable for a laptop in the livingroom (same room as the tv). I also want seperate wifi on the top floor. Please give me ideas on how to set it up.
  5. look for bykski on aliexpress. It won't be 100$, more around 400, but that's still a alot cheaper than a hardtube build from EK for example. They also have their own website, and that is still a bit cheaper than EK, but around 500$. This is with cooling both gpu and cpu with a 360 rad.
  6. I am playing with the thought of doing a copper pipe sff pc build in the louqe ghost s1. (it's in stock in Sweden) Ordinary parts, but with copper tubing and all the bends done with plumbing fittings. Will 16mm fittings fit 5/8 inch tuping? Those are the only ones I can get where I live. Those will be for connecting to the parts. And, as said in the title, where can I buy the pipe? (btw, type k pipe is usually branded as 1/2" pipe, but that's ID, OD is 5/8")
  7. I don't think another intake fan would help, but the front panel probably will
  8. I'm from sweden btw, and 2 Noctua NF-A9x14 PWM cost 42$ (for reference, the ASUS ROG STRIX X570-F GAMING costs 336 dollars over here)
  9. Temps are fine, around 70 C when gaming, and yes, I've lowered fan speed. I just don't like the pitch of the fans.
  10. I know that the temperature is fine, but I can't handle the noise.
  11. So, I have this gpu. Would it be worth it to put two noctua 92mm fans on this gpu, and if so, what method should I use? I've seen some people cut the frame from the fans, and some just zip tie them to the heatsink, so I'm quite curious. btw, my gpu sounds like a server
  12. I've heard that some pots are made of carbon and can be destroyed my alcohol, is that true? Will kontakt 60 also work?
  13. Good to know. Btw, is compressed air the right way to go to clean the amp, and if so, what safety meassures should I take to not risk getting shocked or destroy something?
  14. And I'm not talking about the audio, but the feel of the pot