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  1. @RainingBrainzHDSchoolAcont Im just curious and im bored so i posted this to read some opinions XD
  2. I just bought a pc, and i was just thinking about upgrading it ablut a year later. I will probably have $700 sgd by then. My pc: i3-8100 Asus prime H310M-A 8gb ram 1TB hard drive Zotac gtx 1050 500w psu
  3. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079D3DBNM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_JSW4BbXCY2091 ryzen 3 2200g, $100 exactly
  4. https://thebottlenecker.com/calculator I tested it at his website. (Btw, im planning to buy, not bought.)
  5. I heard a gtx 1050 bottlenecks a i3-8100. What are the viable options to downgrade my cpu? I3-8100 is very good for its price, but if i don’t want that much performance, what are the cpus that will go well with gtx 1050 as well as save some money? (Intel preferred, not must)
  6. What about 240V? Just making sure because im a first time builder and don’t wanna waste my saving from the whole year.
  7. @WoodenMarker Thanks for the tip! Im shopping on amazon international, but i am willing to buy from other websites as well.
  8. Im in Singapore, planning to buy a i3-8100, gtx 1050, gigabyte z370m ds3h mobo, budget about $50 sgd.
  9. Are there any cheap but nice cases?
  10. I have a part list and would like to know if it is worth the price. I3-8100: $130 Gigabyte Z370M DS3H (used like new): $85 Corsair 2133MHz 8gb: $62 Evga gtx 1050 (used like new): $108 Seagate barracuda 1TB: $23 Evga 500w 80+ white: $33 Thermaltake V3 black edition: $30 Asus VS228H: $100
  11. Thanks so much! You guys replied so fast!
  12. Hi! I am just picking some parts for my builds and i came across a problem. I live in Singapore and the plugs in my house probably have a different voltage than what the power supply needs. An adapter will also not change the voltage. Is there any item that can change the voltage or should i just buy a power supply in Singapore? (Sorry im quite new to pc building. Btw this is my first time building a pc)