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  1. I know that EKWB has some really good waterblocks for GPU's. Does anyone know if there are any compatible with the PNY RTX 3090 card with part number - VCG309024TFXPPB? Have any of you seen videos out there posted yet? Edit: Wanted to add a second question onto this section. Does anyone know if vertical mounting effects EKWB's waterblocks?
  2. Ahhh! I had forgotten about watching this video around 6 months back!!! Still on the fence at the moment for what I want to do. Will keep the post updated as I go.
  3. Honestly, a bit of both. I want to do overclocking for the fun of it and to learn how far a watercooled system can be overclocked. I also think the system will look pretty cool and that is always a plus. I personally don't mind the maintanance required to take care of the watercooling system. As it stands if I decided to go with just an aircooled system I would need to do monthly maintanence and clean the filters. Out of curiosity, you are the second person to recommend a Noctua. Are there some videos out there talking about it that have people so interested?
  4. The watercooling part of the project is mostly because I have never done it before and it looks interesting. I am still trying to decide if I want to try my hands at hard or soft tubing. Some of the designs I have seen have hard tubing. But, I am not sure what kind of tools are needed to make those kinds of bends. As for the monoblock, I had originally been looking at the formula motherboard, where the heatsinks were already watercooled. But, I didn't see a clean way to get pipes from the CPU to them without making it look like a total mess. Also strangely the HERO + the mono block
  5. Budget (including currency): $2200? Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Adobe Video Editing, Photo Editing, ETC. CREO 3D modeling software. Videogames of all sorts. Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): I am building a new PC. I am using it for a few things. 1.) I do 3D modeling as a side hustle. However, I don't make enough from it to buy a quadro. So I went with a 3090. 2.) I
  6. Is there a paticular order to this info? I am not sure what this list of information is telling me.
  7. Aside from the better screen refreash rate how does it compare in terms of cooling at peak performance? Are thwre other benifits to using this one comoared to the other spec wise?
  8. So I live in the Alabama area. I don't paticularly care about weight. Battery life is nice, but not nessesary. A good display helps with 3d modelong, and while quadro is great, I have a budget of 1500 dollars. So a lot of the quadro cards are really out of my price range.
  9. @Opencircuit74 On the dell website they only sell 16 GB. But the specs can upgrade up to 32 and newegg is selling it with 32. However, even though it is good. Do you have any suggestions?
  10. Good afternoon Linus Tech Tips Team, so first off thank you guys for the wonderful videos. I have enjoyed many of them over the last few years and continue looking out for new videos all the time. With that said I watched the student budget laptops video and the best of 2018 video and found niether of them answered my question. Now by chance I am a student and didnt expect the motherboard on my laptop to burn out some chips. Unfortunatly Asus says the cost to repair the laptop is estimated to be 700 dollars and for that much I might as well get a new laptop. Especially considering