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  1. Yeah I was able to find a way around that with: int input = 0; int total = 0; int x = 1; while (x > 0) { Console.Write("Input a number: "); input = Int32.Parse(Console.ReadLine()); if (input < -1) break; total += input; } Console.WriteLine("\nSum total is" + total);
  2. “A local variable named `input' cannot be declared in this scope because it would give a different meaning to `input', which is already used in a `parent or current' scope to denote something else Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings” It seems this method didn’t work.
  3. So I’m supposed to break the loop when a negative number is inputted then give out the result of all inputted numbers. <int value = 0; int total = 0; int x = 1; while ( x <= 1){ Console.Write("Input a number: "); value = Int32.Parse(Console.ReadLine()); total = value + total; } Console.WriteLine($"{total}");>
  4. How do I break a While loop in C# when I enter a negative integer?
  5. I’m in Puerto Rico and I have about $1,000 given by the government to spend on select computers.
  6. I do plan on getting at least 8gigs of RAM but I’m tired of dealing with horrible panels/screens.
  7. Does anyone have any info on this laptop, I wanna know if the screen isn’t crap and if it’s good for programming classes.
  8. RockyRZ

    C# Classes

    So I’m taking my first coding lessons at university and the way they teach is really disappointing. How do I learn about a language the appropriate way?
  9. My 2017 Macbook Pro had a similar issue (before I sold it). Would be unable to load pages until I turned WiFi on and off. It even happens on my iPad 2018. It's irritating.
  10. So according to Louis, there is no water damage or fall damage, just a faulty T2 chip. Yet Apple is claiming otherwise. What are your thoughts on this? Apple is lying (allegedly), might be a possible lawsuit incoming.
  11. Because their intros suck. If it's a good intro, like Jackfilm's, then you won't complain. If it sucks or lasts too long, then they're amateurs.
  12. Strangely enough, I have a hard time using 16 GB because I don't use much storage. Usually just use 8-12
  13. Fair enough, thank you
  14. I wanna but a XR but there's a lot complains about the screen on the internet. What's the best argument in favor of it? Is it worth it despite all of the negativity behind it? Should I go for the X instead?
  15. Subs only chat is something different. Sub only streams is what the topic is about.
  16. My 6th gen iPad tends to slow down, buffering for the simplest of things. It just stops loading things sometimes, refreshing doesn’t work, the AppStore is slow, very slow and doesn’t connect to the internet a lot of times. It’s very disappointing. My Android LG works better, apps don’t work, including video apps like Netflix. This happens often and I have to turn off and on the WiFi to fix.
  17. I didn’t know about that, but SEEMS to lack some details in my city, like the stores nearby, etc.
  18. Good, we don't need more Android phones, especially ones that tell the CCP everything about you. What do I mean, by "more Android phones"? I mean they're basically the same outside of stock, minor custom ROMs but otherwise the same experience across hundreds of brands. We've hit a wall in innovation anyway, so good riddance.
  19. The switch is not a great console. It’s only a good handheld complement to real consoles like, say, the PS4. 

    1. LukeSavenije


      and even then, when i used it i just couldn't get used to the buttons used