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  1. No, because I have the system set to never sleep. But good call as sleep is known to cause strange issues at times. Actually, I think it's more the waking up that causes most issues.
  2. It's strange though that EaseUS is causing it to happen now, because I have it set to backup weekly, and looking at my logs, all of the backups have been successful. The only two that showed failed are the ones I tried to manually run today, which resulted in the same BSOD. I have all the latest drivers from Dell and Windows, but I will look for drivers directly from the manufacturers' websites. I'll install another backup program so I can backup my system, because I'm really wanting to run the driver verifier. I'm hoping it it may shed some light on what driver may be
  3. Everything should be in the SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip I attached to my original post, but here are the individual mini dumps if that helps. It hasn't crashed for a week now, then I ran EaseUS Todo Backup just a few minutes ago to backup the system before I try the driver verifier, and within 2 mins, I had the same BSOD. So I'm thinking it might have something to do with EaseUS Backup, though nothing in the dumps seem to suggest that, at least from what I can tell. I tested EaseUS again just now, but this time I only backed up just a folder of data, and it completed
  4. I don't know if I'd call it worthless, maybe borderline worthless. I just used it because it was convenient at the time and I was curious if it might actually find something. Anyhow, testing it now with Memtest86. It's been running for almost 4 hours now and has yet to find any errors. I will let it run for a few more hours, though at this point I really don't think it's memory related. Any other suggestions?
  5. My PC keeps randomly getting a BSOD Stop 4E. It's usually happens between 24 and 48 hours. The bugcheck was: 0x0000004e (0x000000000000009a, 0x0000000000125860, 0x0000000000000006, 0x0000000000000002) I keep this PC on 24/7 and this issue has just started around the end of December 2020. I have ran all of Dell's tests and they have all passed. I have ran Windows Memory tester for around 8 hrs with no issues found. I have ran sfc /scannow and the DISM Repair, and neither found any issues or corruption. I have ran chkdsk /f and chkdsk /r with no problems foun
  6. Specifically, the ZyXEL USG 100. I've tried Googling it, but I couldn't find much on it, except for one on eBay and one on Walmart with a list price of $945 and $1134, respectively. That just seems very steep for a device that is this old and has been discontinued. Update: after further searching, I believe around $100 seems fair and reasonable.
  7. Ok, thanks for the quick reply. I'll check into those options
  8. I'm playing around with an old ZyWall 50 firewall trying to teach myself the basics of using a firewall. This thing has been discontinued, but I noticed the VPN client is not free. I'm not sure even how much it will cost as it requires you to register on their site first, which I've been patiently waiting for the confirmation email. Anyhow, does anyone know of any other VPN clients that would work with the ZyWall USG 50?
  9. Thank you for the multiple options and the visual details to go along with it. Very helpful and informative! Unfortunately, I was hoping VLANs would not be required for any of the options, but I see that they are. I understand how VLANs work, but I've never had the opportunity to actually set one up or test in the field, so am not yet comfortable with using them. Looks like for now I'll just stick to using a dumb switch, and maybe when I do finally get more comfortable with VLANs, I can swap it out with a managed switch.
  10. Since the managed switch will be in front of the two firewalls, how exactly will both companies access it? Since each firewall/company will have their own subnet, say Company_1/Firewall_1 uses and us Company_2/Firewall_2 uses If I assign the switch with a 2.x, then Company_1 wouldn't be able to access the switch, correct? But because this managed switch is only a L2 switch, would that make it so they could still access it? I'm thinking it would not, because even at L2, it's still on a different subnet, correct? Also, would I need to run a cable from the cor
  11. We now own a building that is setup using an ONT, Fortigate Firewall model FG-80E, and two HPE OfficeConnect 1920S series model JL385A switches. Switch 1 is and Switch 2 is These components are located in the first building, Building A. Building A's network provides internet to Switch 3 ( in Building B via Switch 2 using the SFP fiber uplink ports. Since we now own both buildings and pay the ISP, we want to reconfigure the Fortigate so we can segment or separate the two buildings into two different networks. We have no idea what the credentia
  12. I had read that people put switches after the modem but before the firewall, but I didn't realize they must of had multiple public IPs to allow it to feed the different networks. This is new to me, I have never needed to separate a network. So I can't put my own firewall between the modem and their firewall? That way I can configure our firewall first, and then branch off from our firewall: one feed going to their firewall and the other going to our building's switch, building #2?
  13. The problem with making changes in the Fortigate firewall is that it's not our firewall. It's Company A's firewall, and they would rather us not make any changes in it, which we can't do without the login credentials anyway. They don't mind if we just bypass the firewall, so that's why I'm trying to figure the easiest way to do that.
  14. It's a Fortigate 80E. Wouldn't we still be affected by any of their firewall rules? Because currently we can't remote into our network in building #2 which I assume is because of their firewall. I realized from the ONT there is usually only one device that can be connected, but if it's a layer3 switch or has routing capability, can't you provide internet to separate devices or networks?
  15. Company A has two buildings with building #1 providing internet to both building #1 and #2. Company A has allowed us to lease building #2 to run our business, which I'll call Company B. So my company, Company B, is operating in building #2. The problem we want to resolve is now how do we separate the two company's into two networks while sharing the same internet? I would think it would be best to bypass their firewall completely for best results. The ONT or modem is located in building #1. A network cable runs from the ONT to the firewall in the server room. The firewa