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  1. That is a great suggestion too. Just that when I compare what I get for the hardware/GPU performance between the ThinkPad P series and top notch MSIs and Dell Gamings, I just don't feel like the money is well spent...
  2. Totally understandable. If after 5 years you'll only use it to browse the internet and do day to day office tasks, say paying water bills and filing taxes, would you say either Dell's or MSI's top notch laptop offered today *say it is equipped with 10980hk cpu or 10900k cpu) should do such tasks without much issues for the next 20 years?
  3. At least as of Today, would you say that Dell's M17 R4 with 10980HK and 3080 is pretty much the tippity top?
  4. Screen size bigger is better, performance faster is better, weight is no concern, future proof as many years as possible...
  5. Hi there, say if you have ample budget in the US, and you want to buy the best performance, most durable, long lasting laptop, without considering budget, and you might not be able to buy another one for 20 years, which model would you choose given the current products offered as of 2021? Budget is no issue as it could be the only laptop one gets for the next 20 years, but one can make upgrades 7-8 years down the road to a faster nvme or bigger ram etc etc
  6. Hi there, it seems to be very difficult to find a decent Windows Tablet (Stand alone with detached keyboard) in 2021. One tablet that I have been using is Dell 5285 with 8GB Ram and i5-7300U CPU. The built quality is in general fantastic so as the user experience. As of Jan 2021, for Windows Tablets with a decent enough CPU (not the Core M junk), is Dell 7210/7200 and Surface Pro 7 the only 2 viable options? Any other options besides the 2? And how does 1065G7 fare against the 10810U CPU? Which one is better in day to day office tasks?
  7. Hi there, I might be spending a couple of years in Mexico renting tiny apartments and life frugally, but might be moving between places due to potential safety concerns. What is the best best best gaming laptop, preferably a super powerful CPU and at least rtx 2070 graphics, with the most outstanding battery life there is on the market as of today? Budget isn't that much of a concern. I just like a super powerful gaming rig with absolutely outstanding, thinkpad t420 level battery life?
  8. any glass friendly VR sets that completely avoids and prevents physical glasses wearer from scratching either their glasses or the VR lenses?
  9. Will wait for 15 more years until glasses friendly VR gears come out.
  10. not buying VR,... too many people complaining either their glasses got scratched heavily or their VR lenses got scratched heavily. I rely my glasses for work and I paid 170 dollars for them and my glasses are 800 degrees. I ain't going to risk scratching either of those.
  11. Good afternoon! I all of the sudden wants to pay some VR chat, what's the best system to play VR chat? I wear glasses and I enjoy detailed graphics. Budget under 409 dollars. I can shop anywhere including ebay and amazon but it has to be new.
  12. Good morning, i've been checking my passport processing status daily on the DOS passport tracker, it shows the application has been received on the 30th but nothing has been updated since. I'll continue to wait indeed but does the status tracker change to "your passport has been shipped" at some point or it will continue to say the same thing even after the passport has been processed and shipped?
  13. Excellent point, Not the 6s plus is terribly slow, but everytime you load any app, there would be a painful duration of loading time until the youtube app becomes usable. The pausation duration is so long comparing to the iphone 7 plus it essentially is randered unable to switch back to after using iphone 7 plus. As of now I have not felt any of that leg on the 6 plus on my current 7 plus, but I concur with the 5-6 ios support replacement schedule.
  14. Good afternoon my dear friends, I was just playing with my iphone 7 plus, and I love it so much that I really do not want to drop another 1k on a new iphone. I only use my 7 plus on basic tasks such as youtube watching, mobile banking and IM chatting. Right now the speed is perfectly acceptable so as the battery life. I also have an iphone 6 plus and the speed is not acceptable to me anymore, just to give a comparison. If the main goal is to save as much money as long as I can without jeopardizing the user experience to the 6 plus level in Semtember 2019, how many years maximum can
  15. Hi there, I have been craving affordable full windows tablets and finally made up my mind and purchased a Dell 5285 tablet with i5-7300u CPU, 8GB ram and 256GB SSD, costs me about 340 dollars. Should I have spent 160 dollars more to get the latest Dell 5290 which is equipped with i5-8350u? Am I going to see a massive under performance comparing to the 5290 model? I only use my tablet to browse the internet and watch youtube. Should I have spent 160 dollars more? Is the performance difference huge between 7300u and 8350u on most day to day uses? I do not game on these things nor do