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  1. Hey, today I was reinstalling Fedora (because my Grub was flooded with kernels). But this time (after installing a lot of times) I accidentally deleted the Windows bootloader (the windows partition still there, check the image). I work with both Linux and windows, but I have some stuff that I need to send to a client on Windows, (and get back working on Fusion 360). I really don't know what to do. Can anyone help me?
  2. Hello guys, me again. Recently I started to use Fedora Workstation 30 as dual boot with my windows (to make me more productive because on windows I play to many games). Although, I want to learn and use Micropython on ESP32, but after some days to research I still don't know how to use it and how install de firmware and the IDE either on fedora or windows. You guys use micropython? Is it really good (I saw it wasn't in the early days) ? Any suggestions for IDE for Fedora (preferably) and a really nice guide to how to work with? I really want to use ESP32 (this is
  3. A friend of mine solved using linux partition manager and disk manager, even he doesn't know how he did it, hahahah, but it's working now. Thanks a lot guys!
  4. Hi guys, I am in need of help. I used fedora media writer on windows for test a new distro (only worked with Ubuntu, but I am not a big terminal user), but I tried to restore with the media writer and didn't work, after some twinkling on cmd diskpart, still, not working, sometimes show in the file explorer, but no access. Now I'm using the fedora to format it. Sometimes I got successful, but when I try to write something on it, it blocks and the drive disappear. Still, the fedora media writer can write on it. Anyone can help me, please? Thanks for any response guys!
  5. Yeah, I just don't want to use the serial Port. And I think via PCI would be way more fun
  6. I already use Esp32, dragon board, but the thing is, for the amount of power for image processing and artificial intelligence it's worth (here in Brazil at least) to invest in a mini itx for am4 compared to import a beagle bone. And if there is a board would be interesting to import from China
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering if there is any expansion cards that would work like an arduino (a microcontroller board). And yes, I know I can simply put a header to the USB and work with the arduino via USB inside the case, but I really want to use a "powerful processor" to work with image processing (a raspberry is not near to enough, it should be at least 4 cores because) and work with steeper motors and digital and analog inputs from sensors and etc.
  8. Thx, I found this one 2.000GB (2TB) / 5.400RPM / SATA3 - Seagate FireCuda SSHD - ST2000LX001 for around the same price.... Do you know if it is a good one?
  9. Hello, I am in need of a tip. I want to upgrade my Laptop storage, it is a MSI GS40, and I was wondering if there is any 7200rpm 2.5" Sata iii with 2tb, i am searching in the web but just can't find. There is a big difference with a 5400rpm? Because here in Brazil I found these: ST2000LM015 and ST2000LM007 seagate hdd by 500 reais (around 130 USD) and wonder if it is a good upgrade and also if have so many differences between those two. I do game and watch movies a lot, also have some heavy engineering software (like MatLab, HyperWorks and Fusion 360) the SSD is small (and too expe
  10. After watched the latest video about noise cancelling headphones, I thought: why none of the greatest tech YouTubers don't talk about one headphone: the fiil brand. I have a fiil diva (iicon) and love the noise cancelling, all the modes and etc. Still the layout controls are not great like my Plantronics backbeat pro, but the sound is amazing and I use it daily in the fablabs workshop that I work, better than the protection noise cancelling headbands! And I love the windy mode, works so well! I have it for almost 2 years, and I would love if someone spread the word about some great "affordable
  11. Hello guys. My computer updated last week the windows, and (I had a busy time) I just got to turn On today, and for my surprise, Wi-Fi disappeared, from the side menu and also at the Settings. When I try to troubleshoot, it says: Killer network adapter has a driver or a hardware issue, but I just can't find how to fix it. Can someone help, please? My computer is a proudly MSI GS40. Thanks for any answer. Edit: Just found an answer at Microsoft but I guess didn't work, there is no settings to wifi available.
  12. Someone knows that website that can recognize Linus and Colton??
  13. Ok, huahuahuahuahua, I think I figured it out, had a bad contact with the plug in the wall (I opened the wall socket to check it) so wasn't charging (but didn't show up the notification for low battery, weird)
  14. i7 6700hq, GTX 970m, 32gb Ddr4, 1tb HDD and 256nvme m.2 SSD. The latest version of Windows