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  1. I dont just have one easily identifiable set of secure documents. I now have things scattered all over the drive (or maybe its just my user profile) and am concerned about things like temp files, the browser profile, stored passwords, financial programs, etc. Bitlocker would be a way to baby proof everything and not have to constantly worry about specifics. But I would feel bad if I bought a drive for a 1ns retrieval time and now it is a 100ns retrieval time. I'm not asking about large sequential throughputs.
  2. I have a 480gb optane ssd (905p) I'm using as the OS boot drive in my gaming/workstation machine. I chose an optane drive because it had the fastest random memory access times, close to dram. Over time I have accumulated a lot of sensitive information all over the drive, so I am thinking of enabling bitlocker encryption. However, I have performance concerns. If I enable the bitlocker encryption, will it lower that fast retrieval time down the retrieval time of a regular ssd or worse and make it pointless that I ever bought an optane drive?
  3. Why cant you take an $800 laptop with a gpu, and add a 'cheap touchscreen' to it and make it a $900 laptop? Why does it become a $2000 laptop?
  4. Some might want to use their laptop for dual purposes and this does not explain why it costs another $1,000 to add a graphics card
  5. A modern laptop with barebones settings, no touchscreen and no graphics card or upgrades will cost about $600. The same laptop with a touchscreen but still no graphics card will cost about $700. A laptop with no touchscreen, but with a decent graphics card like a 1050ti and beefed up memory/storage speciifcations will run about $800. However, if you try to look for a laptop with BOTH a touchscreen and a graphics card / decent specifications, suddenly you rocket into the $1500-$2000 range. Why is this? Why is the laptop with both a touchscreen and
  6. By itself for most cases its probably not that important, unless 1. You want to overclock your ram to the highest speed possible, you'll get more out of the cl14 2. You want to install a ton of ram in a threadripper system. In that case the cl14 is more likely to samsung B die which works alot better in Threadripper. If money is at all a concern - you're not loaded with money and aren't competing in benchmarks or building a server/workstation (without ecc) then you'd go with cl16. At most you'll lose a few fps in games.
  7. Im passing a ssd as a physical disk to a vm in vmware. The disk is entirely dedicated to that vm and is offlined in the host. This somehow lowers the sequential speeds in that disk in half and lowers all of the 4k random read benchmarks by a factor of 6-10 so I'm only getting a tiny fraction of disk performance in the vm. Obviously if i made a vmdk virtual disk file instead of passing the physical disk, it would be even slower. I was hoping that by passing the physical disk, I would get around the performance decrease altogether. However, this is not the case as the vm is still using a vi
  8. Im a daytrader. This should be simple. Both amd and nvidia had a humongous 2000%+ rally starting in 2016 and both crashed (retraced) accordingly. When something rises on a logarithmic scale it retraces on a logarithmic scale too. Think of bitcoin. A rise that fast causes a bubble effect with a frenzy of investors and traders just riding the wave, with a subsequent exodus sellout and panic. You can blame news that happened at the peak all you want but the news is really only catalyst for the bubble to fail and from there things have only just gotten started. There's more to it th
  9. I understand you need 2 connectors for the mobo and 4 connectors for the cpu so you need 2 psus but why do you think you need 3200W of power? It only has a tdp of 255W.
  10. So its out now in Europe even though none of the motherboards that support it are out and its selling at $5k. Wtf? This is twice as expensive per core as i9 and 4x more expensive than amd.
  11. I have an Intel 660p I want to use as a data drive. This and many other ssds say they have aes 256 bit hardware encryption. However I can not find out where to enable this and how to set a password. Is this possible?
  12. Gaming? What's that? I thought this was all about tech enthusiasm, engineering, benchmarks, and bragging rights.
  13. Because i happen to have exactly 96gb of b die ram. Some of it was for a different build thats been delayed.
  14. Ok I went ahead and installed the memory. Not only is it working in quad channel but so far its working at ddr 3133cl14 just like i had the 64gb set up. I totally didn't expect this on threadripper.
  15. What happens if you install 96gb of ram from 6 sticks of 16gb in quad channel threadripper 2950x system? Does it : -work in quad channel with 2 channels of 32gb and 2 channels of 16gb? -revert to dual channel with 2 channels of 48gb? -not post? -something else? If it works in quad channel, how fast should the memory controller be able to push the ram? The same as a 128gb configuration or somewhere between a 64gb and 128gb configuration?