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  1. i actually need one i cant for the life of me find the tiny keys on my lappy well then if u were buying one under 5k and had these 3 options but dont wanna just waste money what would you buy?? Redragon K551 -4000 -bluetooth with numpad Cosmic Byte CB-GK-14 Sirius Bluetooth & Wired -4699 -bluetooth with volume nob Cosmic Byte CB-GK-16 Firefly RGB Ten-Keyless -2300 -chepest one with basically same switches and build
  2. ok i feel like im just going round and round in circles but is this still better than the gk 16 firefly i am a student and want a keyboard for gaming on my laptop in my hostel so i actually cant think of a single way bluetooth will be used even a single time by me can we talk on discord maybe? kuro24#0938
  3. i saw that one but for some reason my brain just didnt register it but is it really so much better than the gk 16 to be double the price? tbh im mostly gonna use it for gaming and maybe a little bit for typing connected to my laptop so bluetooth is a no go
  4. is there not a site that ships internationally?
  5. yup the best one i can find under 5000 is a 2200 keyboard lmao
  6. i want a good mechanical keyboard that can be shipped in india ( TKL or 60% with reliably usable Fn 1-12 row or layer) i have a option on amazon.in https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B08G1QVK9D/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A14CZOWI0VEHLG&psc=1 -2200 rupees i need something like this or better max i can go including shipping is 5000 rupees or 70 dollars i dont care if its not a indian site and have to get it shipped from somewhere as long as its in my budget personally i want brown or blue switches and optionally individual backlight and some software of some sorts i w
  7. U did a Windows install Windows by starting it from task manager and it worked but today it doesn't even boot to desktop and i can't do anything here can i have your discords or something if you wanna help
  8. Just randomly today when I started my pc i got a few system errors about certain .DLL files missing can't open file explorer for any program due to files missing error only task manager works and it put me in Windows recovery when restarted and when i tried to reinstall windows it just told me there is a problem reinstalling windows It doesn't load my wallpaper either and i have no clue what the lock symbol in my toolbar means it wasn't there before Update:chrome works but no WiFi options available anywhere I wanna know if my HDD is busted or is this a soft
  9. 3400g is at the same price actually is it a upgrade?
  10. and if i get a really low tier graphics card? is is 2400g better? even a 570 is way out of budget for me. im in a really tight spot lol and the motherboard is to be kinda have a platform to upgrade later on
  11. so without a gpu the computer wont even function?
  12. AMD Ryzen 5 1600 MSI B450M PRO VDH MAX 2 TB Seagate Hard disk 8 GB Ram 3200 Mhz Thermaltake 450W SMPS Thermaltake V100 Cabinet can i run games like csgo/gta5/paladins without a graphics card?(I don't care about the fps like 30 constant is enough) the mother board has a graphics output but not sure if it has a gpu if not what's is the cheapest graphics card i can but to get some value out of it its a family pc so they have no interest in getting a graphics card but i basically wanna buy one and put it in without telling anyone whats the cheapest one i can ge