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    itswillum got a reaction from Schnoz in Tomorrow's going to be a big day for…   
    Good luck! I have many friends taking that exam tomorrow; I took it a couple of weeks ago on paper. 
    Also, if it's reassuring at all, I doubt any of the side effects you'd experience would last for 5 days after your vaccine
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    itswillum got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in Undoctored   
    Well I guess they could at least pay for a better contractor, at least for the videos that aren't scripted.
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    itswillum got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in Undoctored   
    Yeah whoever they hire to do their captioning makes some weird mistakes
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    itswillum got a reaction from Red :) in Undoctored   
    Yeah whoever they hire to do their captioning makes some weird mistakes
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    itswillum got a reaction from soldier_ph in   
    reminds me of this
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    itswillum got a reaction from DildorTheDecent in video_2020-12-04_08-40-23.mp4   
    This is great Pepega peepoHappy
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    itswillum reacted to Spotty in Wow I didn't realize that the most vi…   
    How did I know it was the video explaining Intel's naming scheme
    I wonder how many more views it has received since 11th gen announced.
    Short Circuit is putting in a solid effort too. 4.8M views on their most viewed video, but it was posted only 3 months ago.
    Since it's about a new product it probably won't be able to sustain the interest over the next few years though like the TechQuickie and LTT videos.
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    itswillum reacted to Windows7ge in Hi Friends. This is Jessa, from iPad…   
    Hi Jessa, you'll find better assistance with this if you create a topic (post) in New Builds & Planning. We have quite the avid community for first time builders and those seeking advice on the topic. YouTube also has many video resources to help you along the physical build process.
    Nice to see you take time out of your day to partake in the LTT community. I've watched both yours & Louis's content. You both provide a great service for people. Keep up the good work.
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    itswillum reacted to Letgomyleghoe. in Is your pfp from ONI by any chance? I…   
    yeah its a baby pokeshell and I do watch Brothgar. I confess that I also have 300+ hours in ONI
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    itswillum reacted to WY6 in Thanks to everyone for 16K! You all h…   
    and now we wait
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    itswillum reacted to Bombastinator in Bruh imagine having an antivirus flag…   
    I don’t have to imagine.  It’s happened to me.  Better than having to wipe and reformat your hard drive and reinstall everything.
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    itswillum reacted to Grumpy Old Man in   
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    itswillum reacted to Eschew in .   
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    itswillum got a reaction from Origami Cactus in i'm starting to get really pissed off…   
    @BlueChinchillaEatingDoritoI was just trying to download Blender 2.83 (from the blender website) and whenever I would click the download button it would prompt me to download an html file.
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    itswillum got a reaction from Eschew in .   
    @Eschew lmao
    I just got rid of my initial message because the giveaway I was doing closed
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    itswillum reacted to TVwazhere in I found this robin in my front yard t…   
    @Energycore watches over us....
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    itswillum reacted to vanished in It's going to be a long wait...   
    Ah yeah that would be good.  Looks like it would be faster to go there, download it, and come back home than to wait this out, even if it's a 1 day drive
    I remember having speeds in the ~250 kB/s range back in the early 2000s, to think that some companies are still providing so little and charging for it at that is kind of disgusting.  I would say 1 MB/s is the absolute bare minimum that's passable as a useful connection.  File downloads will be slow but at least doable, and you can actually watch 1080p youtube in theory.  3 MB/s would be better.  Personally I don't think any ISP should offer less than 3.
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    itswillum reacted to minibois in I found that watching videos at a hig…   
    For sure!
    On top of downscaling (a good thing, pushing more detail in a smaller area) YouTube allows for a higher bitrate on videos of higher quality:

    So if you record a video at a resolution of 1080p and render+upload it at 4K, it will look better than simply uploaded at 1080p, even if it is the same video.
    Artificially increasing the FPS (interpolation) wouldn't help though (to my knowledge). Bitrate if the amount of data per second, so even though 60fps has more bitrate than 30fps, it still has to share that bitrate over all the frames.
    So more bitrate is cool.. But also more fps to share it with.
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    itswillum got a reaction from Cyberspirit in So I bought steep, downloaded for an…   
    Huh, I guess I got it for free on Uplay for some special thing. I didn't install it during the event, but it still lets me install Steep now even though the event has ended.
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    itswillum reacted to lewdicrous in Why does it say you last visited on M…   
    I'll have you know!

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    itswillum reacted to lewdicrous in Why does it say you last visited on M…   
    It's to do with the option you choose when you log in. If you choose anonymous, then it doesn't show that you're online amongst other things.
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    itswillum reacted to Techstorm970 in I'm literally fuming. So basically, f…   
    Sounds like a teacher that shouldn't be a teacher...
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    itswillum reacted to Techstorm970 in Paul... WTF have you done to yourself…   
    @wkdpaul No, actually...
    Just leave it.  I'm giving you a hard time. ?
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    itswillum reacted to Ashley MLP Fangirl in [spoiler] The forum couldn't handle 8…   
    i've never seen that before.. and i do that too. just middle-click all of my new notifications...