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  1. So, I'm looking for a keyboard with one specific requirement: It has to have onboard memory. (I play on Playstation 4, so without onboard memory I can't in any way have macros and that kind of stuff) The more keys the better, both for in-game macros and a lil bit of productivity (I'm a graphic designer and 3D artist, more keys are always better) Mechanical is a plus, but I wouldn't say it's a requirement Wireless is a plus, but I wouldn't say it's a requirement Since I have a Razer Naga Trinity, maybe it being Razer would be cool, so you now, they can sync, but I don't re
  2. A few months ago, on a livestream, we got a peak at a new intro. Are you guys still thinking about changing it? Or even removing it? In my opinion, you really need a new, shorter intro. Or you could even get rid of it alltogether.
  3. I was thinking about the Tangent thingy as well, the one with 3 trackballs
  4. So, I came across the BlackMagic Design DaVinci Resolve Keyboard, at a incredible thousand dollar price point. Is there any reason to buy it? Is it even mechanical? (Can't find this information on the site about that...) Also it seems not that much comfortable to use to type (I really like low travel keyboards, like the ones found in laptops, or the Apple Magic Keyboard and such, I don't know if they have a specific name) So, I guess that with like 200$ moreI could by like the BlackMagic Micro Panel, and a good keyboard (I don't know wich one yet tho...) Any ideas?
  5. Best setup for GPU accelerated render like Octane, and multiple GPU setup. If you still have the PLX riser, you could re-use it for this one since Octane really loves as much GPUs as possible
  6. Epyc would be cool, but I don't know how it would handle video editing and such. Also, yes, i need 16x lanes, Octane is really demanding.
  7. So, I'm currently studying a solution for a future investment regarding a rendering platform for video editing, VFX and 3D rendering. Since I use OctaneRender (A GPU-accelerated render engine that scales perfectly the more GPUs you have) I'm searching for the most cost-effective solution to have the most PCIe lanes. PCIe lanes are key, since I plan on having a 4 GPU system in the near future, and I would love to have 16x lanes on each Octane doesn't really care about CPU really, they just ask you a decent clockspeed for fast user experience, but doesn't count at all in the rend
  8. I wonder if at the end of all of this, they'll get a real improvement in low light. Because actually a lot of the noise comes from sensor heat, so maybe the first RED with little to no noise past 6400ISO
  9. Can someone tell me what text editor are they using? It's seen at the very start of the video