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  1. Agree
    Mholes reacted to minibois in 3600Mhz cl18 vs 3200 cl16?   
    Those two speeds + latencies together have the same real life speed.
    I would go with the cheaper set.
  2. Agree
    Mholes reacted to Ankerson in 3080 upgrade   
    The wattage is fine, the quality on the other hand, not so much..
    I would plan on upgrading to a better quality unit.
    Something from Tier A preferably....
  3. Agree
    Mholes got a reaction from Deli in RTX 3000 series - buy or wait   
    Yea, since this generation will get a huge uplift in performance all crypto-miners will be pre-ordering asap. One thing you could do, is like @jaslion mentioned to buy a card from a place that has solid return policy.
    Personally I will wait for AMD, since the leaks about 3070Ti and other "rumors". Like RX6X00 549$ with performance between 3070 and 3080. Let's hope AMD really delivers this time.
  4. Funny
    Mholes reacted to Moonzy in RTX 3000 series - buy or wait   
    buy buy buy buy
    no one can tell what's gonna happen, so not gonna suggest to tell you what to do
    my local retailer told me they aint getting many stocks for first batch, which is always the case -shrug-
    he told me the same thing in almost every previous GPU releases
  5. Agree
    Mholes reacted to Mondas42 in RTX 3000 series - buy or wait   
    I've sold my RX5700XT a little while ago in anticipation of these launches, I'm currently running on a old 1070Ti that's destined for my daughters PC once I've upgraded so I'm in no particular rush. Just don't wanna be stung with price hikes, but I'm hoping that if Big Navi is anywhere decent then it will keep the prices sensible.
  6. Agree
    Mholes reacted to Kanna in RTX 3000 series - buy or wait   
    Wait until reviews and benchmarks
  7. Agree
    Mholes reacted to REETKID22 in I NEED HELP   
    Also I SPECIFIED MANY TIMES that I’m not trying to post it!! I just want to see some life out of it to know it works. I don’t want it to post and I don’t want to use it I want to make sure it’s not doa
  8. Agree
    Mholes reacted to Jurrunio in New RTX 2080-S vs used GTX 1080 Ti? (for up to 1440p 120 FPS + eventually VR Gaming, Adobe applications & editing 360° pics/vids)   
    This is very attractive, at the same time the risks of getting used will get higher when deals are this good.
    I prefer the 1080ti, 1st gen RTX implementation on the 20 series isn't the best thing ever (as expected) but the price is rather steep. 2080S is only mildly faster than the 1080ti in most situations that do not use RTX, apart from games that are well optimized for newer APIs like DX12 (Pascal's (10 series) DX12 implementation is not so much hardware than it is software, which means reduced efficiency in turning compute power to frames).
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    Mholes got a reaction from boggy77 in Overclocking   
    Yes, that is true BUT the max safe 24/7 voltage for Zen 2 is 1.325V. (WITH NORMAL COOLING) Voltage + Temp + Zen 2 = Not feeling so good.
  10. Like
    Mholes reacted to boggy77 in Overclocking   
    but with either of those, the max you can get (if lucky) is 4.4GHz all core. most people manage to get max 4.3 with 1.45V.
  11. Funny
    Mholes reacted to Fasauceome in Proceeding with caution   
    Dang, Google grabbed the wrong snippet
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    Mholes got a reaction from Fasauceome in Proceeding with caution   
    Original RTX 20XX AKA Turing was released: September 20, 2018 , "Super" lineup came in July 2019.
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    Mholes got a reaction from RapidTurtle in Is the new nvidia fps cap better than the rts fps cap?   
    From personal use and from Battle(non)sense video -> No difference.
  14. Agree
    Mholes got a reaction from WereCat in Is the new nvidia fps cap better than the rts fps cap?   
    Yea, i heard the old one was terrible.
  15. Agree
    Mholes reacted to WereCat in Is the new nvidia fps cap better than the rts fps cap?   
    Best to try for yourself and see if you notice a difference. 
    I haven't installed the new driver yet but I'll check it out soon. The old NVI method was quite bad, it felt like playing with VSync enabled regarding the input lag. Simply unplayable for me. 
  16. Agree
    Mholes reacted to DoctorNick in What does this mean   
    GPU driver crashed. Have you overclocked GPU? If not delete afterburner.
  17. Agree
    Mholes got a reaction from DoctorNick in What does this mean   
    What @DoctorNick said. Also if you haven't updated your drivers, now is a good time to do that.
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    Mholes got a reaction from KhanRas in Which GPU should i choose?   
    If you want the faster card you take 1660 Super.
  19. Agree
    Mholes reacted to Fasauceome in Which GPU should i choose?   
    The 1660 super has more performance so you'd be better off with that one. What graphics card are you replacing?
  20. Agree
    Mholes reacted to 191x7 in Brand New RTX 2080 Super getting really low frame. Help   
    My bad, i totally missed the last sentence while reading. Procrastination at work. lol
    The CPU shouldn't be a bottleneck.
    Have you tried cleaning the drivers with DDU and reinstalling?
  21. Agree
    Mholes got a reaction from Meganter in Upgrading Ryzen-PC   
    3600 + 30€ cooler is still better value than 3600X with it's stock cooler. (Also in other regions the gap is bigger)
    The +200MHz boost is the only + in 3600X, IF the cooler would still be copper instead of aluminum it might be a different case.
    Also in games the fps difference is too small to actually make the 3600X worth the extra.
  22. Agree
    Mholes got a reaction from Meganter in Upgrading Ryzen-PC   
    OH SHOOT! Missed the 144Hz there :DDD , totally agree -> GPU first.
  23. Agree
    Mholes reacted to Meganter in Upgrading Ryzen-PC   
    You should uprade your PSU and GPU 1st if you want to play some 1440p 144Hz and later the CPU for a 3600 as stated above  
  24. Agree
    Mholes reacted to minibois in "It's the biggest battery you can get on a plane"   
    Or... OR! Hear me out.. They make it so users can swap out their battery for a smaller unit if they want to make it airplane 'compatible'..
    But let's be honest - aren't we filthy nerds always within 2 hours of an outlet and thus able to charge the battery quite often..?
  25. Agree
    Mholes reacted to seon123 in need quick advice on picking PSU for my pc (hurry)   
    That's not how efficiency works. If you spend 2 seconds to look at the output table for the PSU, you'll find the actual output. The power draw from the wall at 1000W output at 60% efficiency will be 1000/0,60, or 1670W.
    Corsair has a new RM series, very similar to the RMx 2018.
    The PSU fan on pretty much any PSU is controlled by the temperature. The RMx has a particularly fancy controller, which takes into account more factors. Do you seriously think that the guys at Corsair are so stupid that they would make a PSU that overheats under a normal scenario...?