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  1. Ugh, is this one of those AsRock things again...


    You could ask AsRock. Someone else had BSOD issues with a riser card that needed pcie3.0.


    "BIOS > Advanced > AMD PBS > PCIe x16 Bus Interface (Auto/Gen1/Gen2/Gen3/Gen4)"  Pasted from post.


    If you happen to have MSI afterburner you could check if the GPU can boost where it should. And if you still have BOTH systems up and running check if the clocks match. One thing you also could do is install older GPU drivers and check does that help, something like 3-4 versions.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Mondas42 said:

    I've sold my RX5700XT a little while ago in anticipation of these launches, I'm currently running on a old 1070Ti that's destined for my daughters PC once I've upgraded so I'm in no particular rush. Just don't wanna be stung with price hikes, but I'm hoping that if Big Navi is anywhere decent then it will keep the prices sensible.

    Yea, since this generation will get a huge uplift in performance all crypto-miners will be pre-ordering asap. One thing you could do, is like @jaslion mentioned to buy a card from a place that has solid return policy.


    Personally I will wait for AMD, since the leaks about 3070Ti and other "rumors". Like RX6X00 549$ with performance between 3070 and 3080. Let's hope AMD really delivers this time.

  3. Price hike is a possibility, there are few choices you can make depending on your own situation.


    1) IF you really really need a new graphics card and cannot wait, you can buy rtx30XX, can't go wrong there.

    2) IF you can wait do so, since RX6000-series is gonna be released next month (28th), that might stir the pot.

  4. On 2/23/2020 at 12:45 AM, REETKID22 said:

    Well I bought an athlon with Vega graphics, and I have 16 gigs of dominator platinum hooked up. 



    cpu check

    power check 

    ram check

    hdmi plugged in check





    and nothing, nothing at all. It’s doa

    :( sad times, atleast you got the problem solved.

  5. 1 hour ago, The_Geek said:

    I am usually not rude in life, but I do have that capability, and this just lit that fuse...

    You Idiot... the MB has no GPU capability... how the heck are you gonna see anything on a screen?

    Stop wasting everyone's time, this is a serious forum with genuine problems and awesome people trying to help out "REAL" issues...

    I think you will get better help on Reddit...

    Ok look, the MB has post error LEDs so those should light up. + X570 Gaming X has the Q+-flash function, which means you can update the bios without a CPU, RAM and GPU.

    I mean if you ignore everything here sure you can say it's stupid. But y ou should first read the whole thing and read the manua.

    1 hour ago, Kilrah said:

    No, you are. A mobo doesn't do anything without a CPU and RAM. Some with a built-in POST code display may show something, but yours isn't one.


    Makes no sense... Even if the board doesn't work you'll still need the CPU for the replacement board you'll get once you RMA it.

    Yes it does. Read up.


    1 hour ago, REETKID22 said:

    Are you dense?? Read the whole thing before you deal me stupid 

    Now if nothing really happens and you have everything power in your PSU (switch to I) etc. Test the Q+-flash function, read the instruction from your manual, the Q+-flash should have a blinking light. If nothing happens then it might be dead. You can ofc wait and see if it magically needs a CPU and RAM to work.


    TLDR: MB should get power without CPU RAM or GPU. Blink it's error leds or show error codes.

  6. 23 minutes ago, REETKID22 said:

    I’m not stupid I know it needs ram and a cpu, but I’m not trying to use it as a pc or anything for that matter, I don’t have ram and a cpu for it. I just want to make sure its not doa.

    So you have your PSU 24-pin connected + power button (or you shorted the pins) ? And nothing happens? No LED's?  And what motherboard do you have?

  7. 21 minutes ago, boggy77 said:

    but with either of those, the max you can get (if lucky) is 4.4GHz all core. most people manage to get max 4.3 with 1.45V.

    Yes, that is true BUT the max safe 24/7 voltage for Zen 2 is 1.325V. (WITH NORMAL COOLING) Voltage + Temp + Zen 2 = Not feeling so good.

  8. 7 minutes ago, Fasauceome said:

    They came out July 2019, hasn't been quite so long


    We're about a few months out from the next Nvidia GPU release, so not tantalizingly close or anything. Waiting will always yield better hardware, but you can always wait. I'd look for a 2070 on clearance or something in the meanwhile.

    Original RTX 20XX AKA Turing was released: September 20, 2018 , "Super" lineup came in July 2019.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Levent said:

    Maybe I should have said, google + common sense. Rivatuner has been using the same FPS cap method since they introduced it (you might be wondering how I know that, because I actually read changelogs of software I update or install). I dont have an Nvidia card to actually comment on how their vsync works so I just googled OP's title, first result was from 2017 which is not outdated imo. I suggest you to use keywords because there is nothing wrong google.

    I think he means the new new max framerate option that came with the latest Nvidia driver. 3 days ago.

    29 minutes ago, Dinesh1 said:


    On reddit there are few people who say it is worse, some say it's better or can't see the difference. Best option is to wait for some real tests tho.

  10. 7 minutes ago, CallMeChewie said:

    Is there some way I could update the bios without the damn thing posting? I have no clue how to do that if it's not even posting.

    Not really :(

    If you have a 8th gen cpu on hand you could test that too. Or bring it to a store that offers BIOS updates i guess?


    EDIT: And at the same time you could get a confirmation that the MB is fine.