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  1. This is where I seem to be running into a problem. It isn't present as a sound output option. On checking the Sound Playback list, it says Nvidia outputs are not plugged in. I checked in the Nvidia control panel and the audio is turned on for the HDMI port and it lists the monitor
  2. I don't know when this exactly happened but I noticed recently that my BenQ GW2283 monitor stopped being recognized as a monitor with audio. I had used both the in-built speakers as well as the audio passthrough a few weeks ago. I also noticed that the device manager isn't showing it as a BenQ monitor and lists it as a Generic PnP monitor (I have only seen this happen with laptops). In the screenshot here, the audio devices don't have it mentioned however, in the "Devices" section inside Settings, the BenQ monitor is listed in "Other Devices" and has a monitor icon next to it. Oh, I
  3. Yeah, after scouring the web for answers, I found hundreds of comments and threads saying that humidity leads to this problem. It makes sense in my case as well because the 4th day (the day when I actually started facing this issue) was a pretty hot day. @Ahoy Hoy I'd say you got lucky because a marquee issue with the XM3's was the cold weather one where the touch controls would register random touches. 3rd day of my replacement XM4's and I am already facing a DIFFERENT issue. The proximity sensor is highly inconsistent. It decides when it wants to work. I take off the
  4. I just received my replacement XM4's. It's working fine atm. I'll test them for a week and hopefully won't have the same dumb issue. Sony definitely needs better quality control if their flagship wireless headphones have such issues
  5. If that's the case, it is quite disappointing considering the 350USD price. I have a replacement being sent to me so I'll update the thread after a few days of use
  6. I recently bought the Sony XM4's on account my upstairs neighbor using his floor as a drum set. Until today, I was quite happy with my purchase as it was cancelling out the constant noise. But suddenly I started facing an issue with it. Now, whenever I turn noise cancellation on, I hear a static-y, low-frequency, wind-blowing-directly-into-the-ears sort of sound in the right earcup. I tested multiple times to verify that this wasn't being caused by any external source and also made sure to move to different areas in the house to eliminate any stray disturbances. But all that to no
  7. Thanks @LogicalDrm. Yeah, it is a PWM connector. I guess I'll have to live with these (it's been over 2 weeks and the return window is closed) or get a new set. I was so focused on the PWM part of the spec that I didn't notice the fixed lighting.
  8. No, that's the thing, these don't come with a controller. That's why I mentioned that they have a proprietary 4-pin layout (just a single cable per fan) that goes into an included hub. The hub is just a hub; not a controller, so no buttons or anything. Also, with 3 fans going into one header means it only works with a 12V header on the motherboard. So, that eliminates any chance of a software solution. The MSI board has separate 5V RGB headers which are the only ones that get recognized as lights by the Mystic Light software
  9. I have a 3-fan set of Deepcool RF120FS. Now, I know I messed up and didn't notice that these fans have a fixed 3-color RGB setting (light blue, orange, purple). These fans also have a proprietary pins that goes into a hub provided with the fans. The problem is that these don't come with even an on/off option so I am stuck with these 3 colors for the rest of the RGB elements. Do you guys have any suggestions for turning these LEDs off without physically ripping them off of the fans?
  10. Yeah, I have the same setup. But I need ethernet on my system as the wifi capability of the router isn't great. That's actually why I use the hotspot ... to get a more reliable wifi signal on my other devices. Any chance you were able to figure out why this happens?
  11. I recently built my PC and since then have been facing this issue. Sometimes, when I turn off the mobile hotspot (the one built into Windows), the network pop-up freezes and the system gives a BSOD. Note that it does not happen every time I turn off the mobile hotspot. It only happens on occasion and it usually happens when I notice that the device connected to that hotspot is disconnected. Now, this isn't new (the device disconnecting from the hotspot or the hotspot turning off on its own) as it used to happen on my Windows laptop as well. But in that case, I could simply turn the hotspo
  12. I have a GTX 1050Ti but the way it is configured, I can't change what GPU the display uses. Probably locked out by ASUS. But I am still unable to understand why I am facing this issue now? It's been over a year since I got it so it has to do with either some Windows update or some driver update. PS: Graphics drivers are up-to-date
  13. I have been experiencing this issue for the past month or so where I encounter hefty visual response lags and video frame drops when I unplug my laptop from the power source. Here are some of the things I have tried" Check the power mode and set it to Better Performance and High Performance (saw no change) Checked what GPU is being used for the display and browsers (It is the onboard graphics: Intel UHD 630) Now, it takes roughly 20 seconds or so for the whole thing to settle down. But for those 20-odd seconds, the system feels pretty much unusable.
  14. Are you suggesting that both the SSD and the HDD started having read issues at the same time? Sounds pretty unlikely because, I installed the game on the SSD and even that didn't improve the situation by much. Yes, I agree that the read/write speeds of my current setup is nothing brag about. But the reliability issue seems too early to crop up. My laptop is about 9-10 months old
  15. Yes, I get get the 1903 update ... *shudder* Don't tell me that is causing the issue Also, no. I don't have anything running in the background. But, the disk usage light stays on steadily while I pan or zoom-in while playing Cities: Skylines. I thought it was loading/fetching assets or something.
  16. It might be a dumb question but I am not sure what is causing the issue so I am going to post all my observations here and hopefully you guys can help me narrow down problem. My laptop's specs: GTX 1050Ti, Intel i5-8300H, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD+1TB SSHD (Asus ROG Strix GL503GE) I used to be able to play Cities: Skylines without any lags and with a decent FPS (around 45-60) but of late, since a few of the most recent Windows 10 updates, my game takes ages to load. Earlier, my saved game used to take a little under 4-5 minutes to load but now it takes substantially longer. On
  17. So, I am not sure if peripherals is the right place to put this post but it seems relevant as it is a hardware issue. Kindly let me know if I should move the thread elsewhere. I have been using the ASUS ROG Strix GL503GE for about 3-4 months and almost since day 1 this thing has been bugging me. The trackpad on this laptop is trash! I am talking about the hardware here. The click mechanism is shoddy at best, blah blah blah. I am over it. But the thing I can't get over, is the tracking. Why a post so late as I have been having this issue since day 1? Well, because I thought software
  18. Thank you so much for the info. You are correct about the sRGB color gamut and my screen does have 130% sRGB coverage. That makes me understand the reason behind the oversaturation. What I want to know is, if it's possible to calibrate the colors with ICC profiles on Windows 10 because the saturated reds are making me blind
  19. I recently purchased the GL503GE version of the ASUS ROG family and have been impressed by the performance and the thermals of this device. The screen is impressive thanks to the 120Hz IPS panel but I have been having trouble calibrating the colors properly. The reds and yellows seem to be oversaturated/over-pronounced to a point that it looks as if it's a neon sign (attached screen shot for reference). After doing a ton of research on settings that could possibly help, I found out that NVIDIA drivers have a color vibrance setting that tends to have similar effects. But it didn't w