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  1. EK series 250 pump is a standard D5 also from EK case I'm using is a Inwin 305
  2. ok i upgrading my old system a little and hard line water cooling it to give to a friend. I have a res and a D5 pump already bu my problem is that I'm using a smaller case this time round i need to save space so i need to find a combo that is just an upgrade to add the pump too the bottom of the res and i cant seem to find any. If anyone has any suggestions or links i would be very great full. thanks
  3. shorten my loop down massively it isn't a must but it if the option is there.
  4. 293 x 124 x 30mm that is the dimensions which is 3mm out which sucks thanks for the suggestion tho
  5. ok im looking for a X-flow Rad that is 290mm or less cant seem to find one. Can anyone point me in a good direction of one or a solution please :D