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  1. im confused what do mean? should I just get a 3K nvidia card and Ryzen 4K or Just a 3K nvidia GPU? Sorry idk what latter means
  2. Thanks I'm thinking it's better to wait as there should be a really good jump in performance from the 20 series also do you think i should upgrade my cpu as i would get like less fps i don't really want to upgrade but maybe i would get the ryzen 4th gen
  3. My location London UK my Budget is up to 800ish cause i could save up that much by when the 30 series cards come out I just don't think the current 20 series cards are worth the money as the 5700xt it gets20 ish less frames than a 2080 ti
  4. I'm debatting between waiting for the New RTX 30 series coming out in september or just buy a RX 5700xt now I will be getting a valve index as well. Would my power supply be enough? Also would I need to upgrade my cpu as i would get less frames.? Maybe I should wait for 4th gen Ryzen 7 CPUs? My currect specs: Ryzen 7 2700 AOURS B450 Elite 16 GB CORSAIR 3000mhz RAM GTX 970 550W 80+ gold power supply
  5. My specs: Ryzen 7 2700 550w 80+ gold power supply corsair GTX 970 3000Mhz 16 GB of RAM AORUS ELITE B450 I want to get a RTX 3080 when it comes out and i'm not sure which CPU i should get I preferable want to get a Ryzen CPU as I got a AM4 Board and I also was thinking I should get a 800W power supply and maybe faster RAM or getting another 16 gb of ram
  6. i want the surround sound from the cloud 2s but i heard that the alphas sound really good as i listen to music a lot.. help pls
  7. that is large and can comfortably fit 3 of my monitors i have a 1 27 inch curved monitor and 2 24inch monitors and under 100£
  8. I I have installed an ssd recently took out the hard drive... also windows is installed on it.. before i used to have disk 100% now i have this issue
  9. When i’m playing GTA V for example my gpu usage is 40% and cpu usage 100% help please i tried every fix that i tried it didn’t fix it please help
  10. My pc specs. I5-6400 2,7ghz 8gb ram upgrading to 16gb of ram 500w power supply GTX 970 And would my cpu bottleneck?