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    King.Stivan reacted to Tyler2599 in Post your SteamVR Performance Test results here   
    it is lol just ran it with a single 970 and did better.
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    King.Stivan reacted to nicklmg in Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Giveaway   
    Interested in that sweet & sexy new all-in-one from Zotac, the ZBOX MAGNUS EN970, that Linus checked out about a month ago? Then you're in luck, because we are giving that badboy away!
    If you haven't seen the video yet (firstly, shame on you for not watching our videos daily JK of course, no judgement here...) you can check that out below:

    But if you're more of a spec sheet guy or gal, click here to see the full breakdown.
    Please keep in mind that this is a barebones kit. It does not include RAM, storage, or an OS, so the potential winner must be prepared to provide that on their own.
    Alright, that's all well and good... now how do I WIN!?

    Entry is very simple - just comment below letting us and Zotac know what makes you interested in the ZBOX when compared to a traditional desktop. And, if you're feeling appreciative, head on over to their Twitter, give them a follow, and say thanks for providing this awesome giveaway for the community!
    The one winner will be selected at random on November 25, 2015.
    One entry (comment) per user.

    This is a worldwide giveaway with no age restrictions.

    The winner will be contacted by me here on the forum. Disregard any messages, emails, Tweets etc. you receive from anyone other than this account here on the forum.

    Good luck all!!
    EDIT: We have decided to extend this giveaway until November 25. Make sure you enter before then!

    EDIT2: The winner is @willskinny
    EDIT3: First winner did not respond, the new winner is @JHyunS06
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    King.Stivan got a reaction from dabestofdabest in Feenix Collection Giveaway   
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    King.Stivan reacted to noisebomb44 in windows 10 can you guess whats wrong here ?   
    Not showing all cores to your life partner
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    King.Stivan reacted to ZetZet in windows 10 can you guess whats wrong here ?   
    Cores not showing up? That's just task manager things.
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    King.Stivan reacted to desertcomputer in UltraWide Festival 2015   
    Any updates like when will the winner will be announced 
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    King.Stivan reacted to Coollok100 in UltraWide Festival 2015   
    Haha, I know the feeling
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    King.Stivan reacted to GoodBytes in Google Chrome bypass ad blocker extentions for YouTube. Adds a bit of revenge too.   
    Using an ad blocker on Chrome, like AdBlock Plus?
    You probably started to notice lately that YouTube now shows ads. In addition, they don't have a Skip button. That is right, until your have the ad blocker add-on YouTube will play ads in full, with no ability to skip.
    Some users here says that using different ad blocking extensions not based on AdBlock Plus, seams to be working for them. At least, for now.
    On Twitter, user resVGC says:

    Trying different ad blocking add-ons won't solve the problem either. The web browser detects that you are blocking YouTube ads, and by-passes the ad blocking, and doesn't give you the 'Skip' button anymore, even if the ad is several minutes long
    There is a work around to this, and that is to uninstall the YouTube app from Chrome the Twitter user SteeScribbles claims.

    It seams to be working for now... until Google bake the YouTube app in Chrome.
    Firefox users aren't affected by this.
    Source: http://www.neowin.net/news/google-chrome-reportedly-bypassing-adblock-forces-users-to-watch-full-length-video-ads
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    King.Stivan reacted to Jabberwookie in showing off my workstation/gaming build   
    it dooes say (syria/kuwait) I am assuming he is in kuwait at the moment
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    King.Stivan got a reaction from GuruMeditationError in showing off my workstation/gaming build   
    well i hope yours and mine will be safe throughout this ordeal  
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    King.Stivan got a reaction from GuruMeditationError in showing off my workstation/gaming build   
    i think i did put that im in syria/kuwait ^^ im syrian but i live in kuwait soo ya its not effecting me right now but most of my family is back in syria so its kinda is BUT one must keep on living no matter what i guess ^^
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    King.Stivan reacted to pikkie-mahn-mastah in showing off my workstation/gaming build   
    That is sweeeeeeet! I got a pm irect-tech if you know what I mean
    But seriously, that is freaking awesome