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    MagnumOpus got a reaction from George. in Chrome vs Firefox (Android)   
    Firefox with uBlock Origin is less taxing on your battery than Chrome. Although Firefox has been glitchy and slow and laggy in my experience. 
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    MagnumOpus reacted to Master Disaster in UKs Porn Pass law has just passed, will go into affect in July   
    Until now they've said they won't ban VPN, let's see how long it is until that changes.
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    MagnumOpus reacted to sushimus in UKs Porn Pass law has just passed, will go into affect in July   
    So now instead of the old joke of sneaking away with a magazine it'll be taking someone's porn pass to sneak into the woods and using your data to watch, RIP UK

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    MagnumOpus reacted to Nocte in UKs Porn Pass law has just passed, will go into affect in July   
    July 2019 arrives: usage surge of VPN applications in the UK
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    MagnumOpus reacted to Master Disaster in UKs Porn Pass law has just passed, will go into affect in July   
    Starting July 15th any website where more than a third of its hosted content is pornography or any website which hosts pornography and makes money through charging a fee or advertising will be legally obligated to verify the age of anybody trying to access them from the UK.
    Failure to comply will result in the offending sites being blocked by ISPs.
    Originally the plan was to fine website owners however this would be hard to enforce however ministers have made it clear they will look at fines and other possible measures in the future.
    The BBFC will have ultimate responsibility for the the action, they will be able to have sites that don't obey blocked. Ultimately how the age is verified will be left up to the sites but there will also be a "reward" mark made available for sites that offer "robust data protection schemes".
    Adults will be able to purchase "porn passes" from registered shops to verify their age face to face.
    Fucking hell my country sucks. Honestly it won't be long until the UK has its own great firewall.
    I honestly think the age of the free internet is starting to end. I reckon in a decade or two the internet will be a VERY different thing.
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    MagnumOpus reacted to Giganthrax in I don't use AMD. CHANGE MY MIND   
    AMD is more bang for your buck. Also, if money is a concern, the AM4 slot also enables you to get a cheaper CPU now and replace it with a far more powerful CPU at a later date.
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    MagnumOpus reacted to Pickles - One of the Jar in NVMe vs SATA SSD   
    I highly doubt sata will be going anywhere. Maybe in 10-20 years... maybe. 
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    MagnumOpus reacted to Den-Fi in [psucultists] PSU Tier List   
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    MagnumOpus got a reaction from mrmeeseeks84 in Ryzen Upgrade & Rigid Tubing Conversion Complete!   
    I got a boner looking at your build. Wow.
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    MagnumOpus reacted to Srijan Verma in How long for a BIOS update?   
    Honestly i am one of those guys who have got into a sticky situation with pc crash due unstable overclock(not necessarily the reason but that is what i think it was ) during BIOS update. When you update your bios in os it has to reboot, my pc got stuck in windows restarting screen forever. And i did the thing any smart(dumb) person would do in such a situation hard shut down the pc. After which it wont boot, no video output, only the lights on cpu cooler and  on the motherboard bright on, when i thought i had bricked my motherboard. Upon some going through the mobo manual and forums, i found that most Motherboards these days have a solution for cases like these. So 2 solutions:
    1) Remove the CMOS battery for a few seconds after powering off/
    2) Short the jumper (use a screw driver to touch the 2 pins (method might vary from board to boards))
       Another method on some boards is the change the bios or switch the cover on jumper

    Hope this helps if you fail
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    MagnumOpus reacted to aisle9 in How long for a BIOS update?   
    On a modern machine, BIOS updates are very safe unless you turn off the system, it loses power, etc. Even then, lots of modern motherboards come with a dual BIOS that you can switch to if your main BIOS corrupts. Back in the days of LGA 775, AM2+, even LGA 1156 and 1155, BIOS updates were a little scary. On LGA 775 boards in particular, it was just a good idea not to ever update your BIOS unless you needed to for CPU compatibility, RAM compatibility, stability problems, etc., because so much as looking at the board funny while it was updating could brick it.
    I still use a USB to flash updates on desktops, but the Windows utilities from ASUS, Gigabyte, AsRock and MSI in particular are all solid and specifically designed not to brick your motherboard. On laptops, I just use the manufacturer's utility to handle the job. A modern BIOS update on LGA 1151 or AM4 shouldn't take more than 5-7 minutes to complete.
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    MagnumOpus reacted to mariushm in How long for a BIOS update?   
    It should take around a minute, maybe 2 minutes. I'd say if it takes more than 5 minutes I'd be worried but I wouldn't mess with the computer until I go over the 10 minute mark.
    BIOS sizes are these days 16-32 MB and the write speeds are usually 100 KB/s+ so it should take about 10s per MB or less.
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    MagnumOpus reacted to Bombastinator in Ryzen 5 3500 Build.   
    Critique: (critique is by definition mostly negative, the idea being to find problems)
    This does not stoke me personally as a solid long term build, though it is a solid shorter term one. It should work fine at least till the consoles come out.  I don’t know what nation of origin is so I can’t compare pricing.

    -the motherboard is solid.
    -the memory is a bit slow but solid enough.
    -The 3500 is imho a slightly weaker chip long term than the 2600 because it lacks multithread.  There is disagreement on this one.  I could be wrong. It does have faster single core than the 2600.  It’s a question of whether the extra thread capacity will turn out to be needed or not. 3500s can’t even be had in the US. It’s an OEM part only here.  It might be really cheap though.  
    -The 570 is below the lowest projected spec for the upcoming consoles.  There are older used cards that might be better value.  
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    MagnumOpus reacted to VEXICUS in Ryzen 5 3500 Build.   
    That board wont support zen2 cpus out of the box. You'll hv to update the bios.
    Alternatively you can purchase msi b450 max series motherboards for out of the box compatibility.
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    MagnumOpus reacted to boggy77 in Ryzen 5 3500 Build.   
    looks good. i highly advise getting either 2x4 or 2x8 ram, you'll see stutters, frame drops and freezes from using just 1 stick of ram
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    MagnumOpus reacted to Windspeed36 in Guides & Tutorials Catalog   
    Software Setup
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    MagnumOpus reacted to Arika S in News sources used by Techlinked   
    they dont have specific go to sources. they will use which ever one has the most information or was the first place to write about it.so could be one of potentially hundreds of news sites. 
    You're better off using a news aggregator like /r/technology on reddit, Feedly or Techmeme (christ i hate it's name)
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    MagnumOpus reacted to FloRolf in Mobile Games I am Addicted to?   
    Mobile gaming is trash. Sorry. 
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    MagnumOpus reacted to wasab in why the f*** can i not get IOS 13!   
    You now have an execuse to get a new phone. Rejoice. 
    Oh, Get Android. 
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    MagnumOpus reacted to Zando Bob in why the f*** can i not get IOS 13!   
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    MagnumOpus reacted to DarkShame2 in Why is the notch so hated by everyone?   
    Same here, but for pop up camera as we go bezel less; it'll be interesting on how phone makers will develop a front camera.
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    MagnumOpus got a reaction from Graham Carter in Why is the notch so hated by everyone?   
    After using a phone with a Notch, It does not really bother me at all. You just get used to it after some time.
    The only trend I'm worried about is the Motorized camera thingy, I don't like having a pop-up camera at all.
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    MagnumOpus got a reaction from Sulfoncimonk764AtSchool in Pokemon Masters?   
    I tried installing it today. It kept crashing on startup, So uninstalled for now.
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    MagnumOpus reacted to Yeroh in Unpopular Tech Opinions   
    I think the majority of people severely misunderstand Apple and just how important they are for a competitive market.
    The iPhone is expensive because unlike the majority of their competitors, they're not just building a phone and slapping a third-party operating system on there. They're developing and maintaining an entirely separate OS, an entirely separate cloud infrastructure and an entirely separate suite of apps to go along with it. All of that costs money. Severely more money than just getting the latest ready-to-deploy version of Android, pre-installing Microsoft Office and making the user sign up for Google Mail. It makes sense for their products to be expensive, because they inherently have more work to do with new releases than any of their Android competitors (outside of Google).
    With them being the only real competitor to Google in the market of mobile operating systems, their role is a tremendously important one. Google's near monopoly in the web browser market has already shown that they're willing to abuse the power they've been given.
    Of course there are problems with Apple's products, and of course people are rightfully mad at Apple for some of their questionable decisions in the past (such as what they did in regards to the right to repair). But they're an important player and, as of today, the only one preserving your chance to choose which mobile operating system you'd like to use. Even if you'll always be using Android, they're the only ones pushing Google to innovate, so even if you're never even considering an iPhone, you're benefitting from their participation in the market.