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  1. Hey, so my friend just got a new 3060ti and hes having problems getting it to work he can boot to safemode and yes we already tried ddu and installing new drivers actually after ddu he could boot normal but when we tried installing new drivers pc crashed and went into diagnosing your pc loop. so we went back to safemode and retried everything but this time tried updating gpu drivers in safemode everything worked but now we are back to pc restarting after running for 10 seconds im out of ideas :P
  2. My system is not prebuilt I have b150m ddr3 motherboard thats why and my system is 3 years old except for my gpu and ram
  3. Hello i just bought an 1080Ti but when i play csgo i have huge bottleneck its only using 15% of my gpu so my frames are low is there a way i can fix it for some time until i buy a new cpu My specs: i5 6500 turbo on 1080ti drr3 ram 1600mhz
  4. Hey! So i recently bought a new gpu (1080ti) and im waiting for my new psu aswell so i can use it finally, but my main problem is will there be a big bottleneck with my other components i have: B150m motherboard 16 gigs of ddr3 memory running on 1666mhz i5-6500 on turbo mode i heard that even with 1070ti there will be a huge bottleneck but im not sure.
  5. its a ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti Blower
  6. Hello, So i need a new gpu. I found a guy selling used 1080TI that was used for mining 24/7 from January 2018 he also says he hasn't overclocked it. He put out a price for 500 euros, but i am scared that the 1080ti wouldn't last for long (my opinion). So should i buy it or get 100 euros more and get a brand new 1080?