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  1. @Dat Guy I took a look at this website for "C" and this might be really helpful to learn some basics, thank you. @De-Wohli this Microsoft website also seems really helpful, thank you for all informations. About "Write great code", I found both parts for arround $50 on Amazon so I will order them tomorrow. I really want to get into programming, but I don't want to pay for example some online course and learn nothing, that would be only waste of money, and I would like to invest all money I in something really good and helpful. Thank you guys one more time, I don't know
  2. @De-Wohli these websites seems to be really good. I did something similar but for Linux, its called OverTheWire if anyone is interested to check it. @Dat Guy I agree with you that it all depends on someone's mindset, but problem is that I absolutely have no clue about programming. So I would like to start with something most friendly for absolute beginners in order to figure whole concept of programming, and then I will learn as many languages as I can.
  3. @kdawwgg1221, @PeterBocan, @De-Wohli, @Techicolors, @Dat Guy, your help is very much appreciated, thank you. I think I'm gonna try to find some books about concepts of programming like @De-Wohli suggested and then move to C# for beginning and see how it will go. I'm not that much interested in creating web sites so I think I will skip HTML. @Techicolors I will explore edx in order to find any good course for C# for beginners, thank you for sharing this website. I would like to apologize for my not perfect english, maybe you had hard time reading my post. Once a
  4. Hello guys, I know nothing about programming but I would like to start learning some programming language. What would you recommend me to start with and if you know some free course where I can start with just to learn some basics before I pay for sth? Things i would like to do in future are creating some software. What is the easiest language for newbie to start with? Some people are saying I should start with Python but I want to hear your opinions. Thanks in advance.
  5. I agree with you but I am not sure if the router is the problem. I'm a student and I can't afford that easy to buy router. But I will try to borrow from some friends to check it.
  6. Yeah, I tried all channels on 2.4GHz as well as on 5GHz but nothing happens. I called them multiple times but they didn't helped me at all. I updated firmware alone but nothing changed, and ISP says that they have nothing to do with that. I tried everything I know, but now I ran out of possible solutions...
  7. Yeah, I don't know what else can I try.
  8. I forgot to mention, 2 months ago i had pretty much good speed over wireless, almost the same as through the ethernet. And I can't figure it out what changed so now I have these speeds.
  9. Hello guys, I have VDSL 100/40. When its connected through ethernet port, my speeds are pretty much good (85-95/35), but when I connect any of my devices through Wireless, my speeds are going down to 20/20. This is happening on 2.4GHz and on 5GHz as well even when I am literally next to router. I already checked environement and there is just one router in my range working on 5GHz. I tried to change channels on 2.4 and on 5GHz as well but nothing happens. This is the third router I have changed and I still have the same problem. Btw, router is from my ISP and
  10. Hey guys, I just installed i3wm and I noticed that for example when I open my browser and scrolling up or down, my screen is flickering. That is happening when I open some video to watch as well. Does anyone have experience with that?
  11. Two Laptops HP OMEN (i7 7700HQ, 16GB DDR4, 1050TI) with Widnows on it for gaming. HP Pavilion G7 (AMD A8-4500m, 4GB DDR 3) running Linux Mint Cinnamon. And I have 5 or 6 old IBM ThinkPad series with Pentium M processors collecting dust.
  12. @volwrath I am running Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.1 currently. I installed it on 3 different laptops by now and there was no problem during the installation. Try with another USB and download latest version.
  13. Maybe your USB drive is bad or you have downloaded a bad installation,
  14. Try to delete old version and install that one you have downloaded. Open Terminal and navigate to directory where the file is downloaded. Let's assume that file is in Downloads directory. Type next: cd Downloads ls sudo dpkg -i name of file
  15. I just tried that. I installed program called ''Ukuu Kernel Update Utility''. When I run it and try to install newer version of kernel, it just says that there is some kind of error. So I assume that in order to update Kernel I have to open program as a super user. I tried opening program via terminal using this command: gksudo Ukuu Kernel Update Utility It asks me for a pasword, and when i type it, i get following in terminal: (gksudo:8511): Gtk-WARNING **: 04:06:42.136: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "adwaita", (gksudo:8511): Gtk-WARNING **: 04:06