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  1. Well that is unfortunate but OCing is actually quite painless and simple.
  2. Spring for the 4k unit. That 10 bit color seems like a great option for that kind of stuff.
  3. He means what hardware are you pairing it with? Like a 3090 or just a pidly 1060?
  4. Honestly a 9700k would make some difference but I'd really say not that much. Overclocking your 1080 and the 9600k would give maybe even a bigger bump than just upgrading to the 9700k (unless your CPU cooler is crap of course)
  5. So the drivers work PERFECTLY on Windows XP. Tomorrow I'll upgrade the machine to Windows XP 64 bit so that I can upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit and hopefully the drivers will still work right.
  6. Ok so I installed the 12.3 AGP hotfix driver and that worked but I am getting the display driver stopped responding and has recovered error with graphical effects not really working properly.
  7. To me it seems like that any GPU that has a converter chip, windows 7 doesn't seem to like for some reason. The 3850 exhibited the same behavior with it's drivers installed but my 9550 xl, a native agp gpu, worked just fine and its drivers installed with no issue AUTOMATICALLY.
  8. Tried it and it doesn't even detect a driver in the windows 8 driver folder.
  9. Ok good news and bad news. The driver did install but after I restarted anything remotely requiring graphics rendering would crash the driver and cause a popup to tell me the AMD graphics driver has restarted. The next time I restarted after that I got the 1fps refresh bug again. Soooooooooo yeah. Perhaps I should try the most recent installer's inf files? Because this was using the 13.9 files.
  10. It appears to be stuck on "currently installing: AMD Catalyst Install Manager" I copied those files into the correct directory which replaced those two files that were already there. I tried this using the 13.9 catalyst installer.
  11. I think that these are the hardware IDs (I clicked on properties and then on details and selected hardware ids) PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9495&SUBSYS_00281002&REV_00 PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9495&SUBSYS_00281002 PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9495CC_030000 PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9495CC_0300
  12. Fail. Although there was a different outcome this time. I'm about to start a DDU marathon and install and try EVERY COMPATIBLE CATALYST INSTALLER. If that fails... Well I wanted to say I'll just install Vista but steam doesn't support Vista..... FACK
  13. Actually because I reinstalled windows windows update doesn't work anymore... I think I'm done with this shit for tonight.
  14. Service Pack 1 has been installed already on my machine.
  15. Ok ill go and download all the C++ packages and install them. Ill let you know what happens.
  16. Because the installer does jack. I've run several different versions now of the installer and it just flat out refuses to install the display driver.
  17. You have got to be kidding me. This is just me testing with a download of the ROM currently ON the card. I think I have no other option other than to nuke Windows.
  18. It warns not to flash in Windows but this motherboard doesn't support booting from USB.
  19. True. I have fiddled with VBIOS flashing before in the past so I can give er a try
  20. I bought both used. The 4670 I confirmed working on my Pentium 4 AGP machine as I was able to boot into and launch Minecraft. The 3850 I didn't get a chance to test though so that is a mystery card.
  21. Ok so here is a video of the behavior the card when trying to install drivers: