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  1. Is there a way to disable that "fan check" feature? It's might lose my GPU's lifespan.
  2. I assuming that the CPU is looking for a GPU, since Ryzen 3 3100 doesn't have a iGPU on it, unlike 2200G.
  3. 1 to 3 seconds after turning on the unit.
  4. Hi~!! Is it normal for a GPU fans to ramp up at 100% speed and then returns back to normal typical speed? This is after I replace my 2200G to new Ryzen 3 3100. *My build is in the signature Thanks
  5. Also, is it worth if I upgrade my monitor first then CPU and then Mobo?
  6. My A320M is already update to latest BIOS
  7. So upgrade CPU first then Motherboard? Also is Ryzen 3 3100 supports my current board A320M?
  8. What inch is the monitor then? 24 in? or 27 in?
  9. The B450M -> B550M upgrade might be take place November-December next year.
  10. If there is Ryzen 3 3300X available . My GPU is 1660 Super (in my signature).
  11. This was my original path of upgrading if I choose CPU Upgrade. ryzen 3 3100 > B550M > Monitor If I choose MoBo Upgrade: B450M > Ryzen 3 3100 > B550M > Monitor
  12. I base the used market based on their risk level.
  13. Kinda risky thou. I bought a used 1060 6gb but after 3 months or so, garbage display.
  14. Hi Which one should I go first, Purpose: Gaming ang occasion content creation (digital painting and 2d animation) a.) Upgrade CPU (2200G to Ryzen 3 3100 or Ryzen 5 3600) b.) Upgrade motherboard (A320M to B450M) c.) Buy new monitor Budget is around USD 200, and assuming I live in US. Thanks