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  1. I had similar questions when I head about this. RTGs have been around for decades, how is this news? From NDB's website, it seems as though rather than using the heat relased during decay to drive a Peltier device or Sterling engine as a Radio-isotope Thermal Generator does, they are in essence directly capturing the electron emitted during decay and storing it in a supercapacitor to produce an electric current.
  2. Summary California startup NDB, Inc. announced yesterday that they have made groundbreaking strides in their development of a self-charging battery that derives energy from radio-isotope decay. They also announced partnership with two companies which will be working with them to beta-test the technology. Quotes My thoughts While this seems too good to be true, the concept of recycling waste from nuclear energy production into cheap, portable power is incredibly exciting. It could be extremely beneficial in medical technology, in low-power implants such as p
  3. This is the card I'd been looking at. I'm not sure it'll fit in the chassis I want to use, but the price is right.
  4. Thanks for you input everyone. Taf the Ghost, you mentioned Are thermals an issue with these? One model I had my eye on was a reference blower card, which appealed to me since I'm planning a build in a rack-mount chassis which probably won't have the best airflow.
  5. Good afternoon all, The title pretty much says it all. Vega cards are finally accessible to consumers after being pretty much absent from the market since their inception. But with newer offerings from Nvidia and the 10 series falling in price, do they present a good value? I've been on team green for a while, and I very much enjoy the outstanding driver support and easy management with GFE. But AMD has FreeSync on their side, making them much more friendly on the wallet. What do you folks think? Is it time to switch camps, or are the Vega cards an aging r
  6. Good evening, I posted earlier in the cooling forum about liquid cooling a 2u build, but after struggling the find a compatible chassis and realizing I was going to spend almost twice as much for what would probably be lackluster thermals, I decided I'd be better off moving up to a 3u and sticking to air cooling. The purpose of this build would be some hobbyist music production using Ableton and, of course, gaming. I went with the Ryzen 2700X because Ableton can make good use of hyperthreading. Similarly, Ableton allows you to load active tracks into memory, hence the 32G of RAM. I
  7. Hello all, I'm toying with the idea of building a rack-mount PC in a 2u chassis, to be used primarily for gaming and music production. My rack is right next to my desk, so I'd like to keep noise to a minimum. Since quiet cooling is obviously going to be a bit of an issue in this form factor, I did a bit of research on ways to use 5.25" bays for cooling, as I most likely won't be using them for drives. The idea is to water cool the CPU and either use a blower-style graphics card or water cool that as well if I can concoct a loop that will handle it. My googling turned up a few interesting