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  1. I don't have unlimited speed I have 70 Mbit/s now, but seems unlimited bandwidth. I live in a very huge house so wifi isn't an option and I'm getting fiber in a few years so I'm keeping my LAN.
  2. 70mbps isn't the bandwidth limit. It's the speed limit. I have 6 devices on wifi rn all operating at max speed.
  3. It shouldn't be the switch as it's brand new and rated for gigabit across all ports. I have tried another cable from my router to my switch. Same result. I'm positive it's the router at this point
  4. If I run 2 cables from 2 different router ports to both PCs both get max speed. Can it be a router port/configuration issue and if so how do I fix that?
  5. If both PCs are on wifi or 1 on wire and I run the test at the same time they all get 70Mbits/s
  6. Plain dividing speed is not how a switch works. Can I point you to a user guide...
  7. Can I point you to the fact that it's a gigabit and not a 70mbit switch
  8. The problem isn't there if they are both on wireless, I really don't know what the issue is tbh