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    I'm Blue Da Ba Dee

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    Battle tactics, history, philosophy, art.
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    Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy


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    Imperial Star Destroyer
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    Solar ionization reactor

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  1. Delete the extracted folder, extract the executable again. Navigate to the mentioned path through Device Manager and use one of the .inf files. Just like you did in the video, but point it to the .inf file instead of AMD directory.
  2. Then do not? Forcing yourself out will do no good thing just like making something illegal does.
  3. So you are basically thinking of something like de-Googling your phone right? There is an adb command for that. Although I cannot guarantee that your phone will boot normally if you delete some built in apps, but some like Google's should not damage anything. You can also look into the world of Custom ROMs like LineageOS which come without Google apps at all.
  4. @Bartandroid123 The first two things I would consider being at fault is lack of common sense and/or proper education about basic IT things among non-tech people. Less hacks happen because of actual vulnerabilities compared to human error.
  5. Extract the Windows 7 driver executable to a folder. Navigate to Packages\Drivers\Display\W76A_INF. Paste in the attatched files. Run setup.exe from the root directory of the extracted driver. C7158498.inf CH158498.inf
  6. I believe HWiNFO can show you what you are looking for. https://www.hwinfo.com/
  7. There is this thing called Manual that noone ever reads so start there.
  8. I meant that tool for things like chipset drivers and other components which drivers for are often not available other way.
  9. I have discovered it while looking to alternatives to the IOBit Driver Booster. It is open source and always did its job since I started using it.
  10. Update all the drivers available using the following tool and try again. https://snappy-driver-installer.org/downloads/SDIO_1.10.0.729.zip
  11. Were you able to note what error code did the blue screen contain?