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Grand Admiral Thrawn

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About Grand Admiral Thrawn

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    I'm Blue Da Ba Dee

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    Csilla, Rentor
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    Battle tactics, history, philosophy, art.
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    Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy


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    Imperial Star Destroyer
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    Solar ionization reactor

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  1. You need to set the newer one into Bridge mode.
  2. As for the question in 12:30 - 'if it is so easy, why are there not that much users of it', I have a challenge for you. Ask your relatives to name an OS other than Windows. If any of the major vendors would supply a Linux PC and advertise it like they do the Windows ones, it might have changed the situation a bit. But vendors gotta bloat and it is easy to do on Windows.
  3. Use this command in Command Prompt. chkdsk /f /r /x
  4. Does this have a significant affect on your workflow though?
  5. It might not be the solution to your problem but I suggest you give a try to BatteryGuru for battery notifications. You can set the minimum and maximum battery level alert to achieve healthy cycles.
  6. In general you would want to replace the thermal compound if the temperatures rise significantly.