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  1. I just hit it twice. On my PC I simply logged out of the account page (without closing steam) and it took me to my account info. Then I jumped on it on my phone and bam! Someone else's jazz again. Is Steam about to fall over and die? They've just been getting worse and worse the last couple years for this stuff.
  2. Make a backup copy and ensure that the Steam Cloud option is enabled if you want to be triple sure.
  3. I finally moved from my Siberia V2's that I've had for the last 4.5 years to Sennheiser HD558's I picked up for $100 CAD off Amazon this last Cyber Monday. Why I didn't do this before, I'll never know. The sound is so much better as a whole. Not quite so base heavy, but extremely clear (which works great for games that rely on positional audio). Open back design a Non-issue in my books. I've heard of a mod to make them more closed back, but never looked into it personally.
  4. Jump on Kijiji and grab yourself a used compressor with a small tank (think like 2-5 Gal size) for cheap. Grab an air hose and nozzle. Set for life. I picked up my 11 (or 13, can never remember) Gal compressor for $75 that way. Been using it for 2 years (for automotive stuff). Always deals to be had.
  5. I always said that I wouldn't buy into skins... CSGO has been my go to game for a couple months now, in the little time I get to play. And guess what, I've dropped some money into them just for fun! So words of warning. If you don't wanna sink money into gambling on skins then don't even start. It becomes rather addicting once you do! (my friend is in the same boat as me - said I was crazy for opening cases, then he started and now he can't say no either - damn you Gaben!)
  6. Game Dev Tycoon. Surprisingly addictive. Just made my first big title, ah-hem, Screaming Mountain. A horror action/adventure game with a score of 9.75. Haha
  7. Just under 700 officially, however I`ve got quite some time logged offline.
  8. Mount & Blade complete. That`s it for now. Really nothing else grabbing my attention.
  9. I've enjoyed it so far in my small (4 hours) time playing it. I think there is a lot of potential, and a lot of fun to be had. There's a lot more in it than most early access games. Optimization hasn't really happened yet - but it's an early access game. Rough around the edges, with polishing left to do!
  10. Absolutely SSD's. Need one for my laptop now...
  11. Here's a flier for some of you. I use small amounts of brake cleaner. Sounds crazy, but has worked well for me, and I always have a can laying around!
  12. The 760 SLI will be traded in for a single 980Ti. Maybe a second in the future. We shall see!
  13. Good thing I likely lined up a buyer for my 760's already... Gonna have to keep a solid eye out for these in the EVGA branding.
  14. If everything be good and the price is right, I will grab one now and put it under water, then another later, which will also go under water. Come on price - show yourself!
  15. Zero hours. My PC hasn't been turned on in a month, considering I haven't been home in a month. Away for work - no laptop or internet on this one either. None of my game time from when I'm away logs anyways since it's all offline. What is officially logged on my Steam account is only a fraction of my game time.
  16. Up until the last 5 years I was all about single player games. Now I hardly touch then. Much prefer playing with others. Both for the challenge and the entertainment!
  17. I get the feeling this is worth burning my phone data on during my break haha
  18. Who knows, we'll just have to wait and see won't we?
  19. Honestly, if this sells in Canada at NCIX/Memory Express then I'll likely pick some up for my next build. Say what you will, but I've really been enjoying EVGA's expansion past video cards. Will buy more with my experiences so far.
  20. You have to enable SLI in the control panel. Both cards will show up regardless if it is enabled or not. Under the control panel, go under "Configure SLI, Surround, PhysX" (or similar title; I'm not at my system right now and can't remember the current name 100%). There will be options under "SLI configuration". You want to select "Maximize 3D performance". If you've never done this before then you've always had an idle card in your system, and in fact not running in SLI. You can modify fan curves/monitor GPU usages/etc with Afterburner or PrecisionX. While they might seem confusing at fir
  21. Depends what you want. The Rog Swift has all the good gaming features, 1440p, 144hz, G-Sync, etc., the Samsung does not (4k, 60hz). Both are TN with TN response times and colour. The Samsung provides more screen real estate, which is great for productivity/multitasking. I went with the Samsung when I was in this debate. Price was a major factor (I paid less than half of what the Rog Swift costs for my Samsung), and now I'm in love with 4k.
  22. Double check to ensure SLI is indeed enabled - I know that I get the same temperature pattern with my SLI'd GTX 760's when SLI isn't enabled/working properly. Also check your fan curves. You may want to ramp up the fan curve on the warmer card earlier due to the reduced/less effective airflow to it. As mentioned though, your temps are still safe.
  23. I have a 4HD and absolutely love it. Wouldn't mind trying a Qck either.