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    Envit0 reacted to SolarNova in Intel lost the game.   
    We love competition because it keeps performance high and costs low.
    That isnt happening, prices are going UP. Not good.
    Still, looking forward to the performance results on review day.
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    Envit0 got a reaction from jtmoseley in High ping in valorant   
    Got it, super weeeird then. I will try to check if I find any info...
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    Envit0 reacted to Jurrunio in Is this 2080TI Defective?   
    Apart from low CPU frequency, memory frequency is also really low...
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    Envit0 reacted to Zando Bob in Is this 2080TI Defective?   
    Usage and clocks hopping around is normal. But at 1080p, a stock 6850K will choke a 2080 Ti by a noticeable amount. These chips perform much better around 4-4.2Ghz, some will go up to 4.4-4.5. 
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    Envit0 reacted to Tan3l6 in Display not sharp after new GPU   
    Radeon Image Sharpening is on as it seems. In my opinion it only makes visuals uglier.
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    Envit0 reacted to e22big in Display not sharp after new GPU   
    I would recommend try reducing the sharpness of your monitor a bit and see if you you still have the issue. I
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    Envit0 reacted to MadPistol in Screen Tearing   
    Do you know the model number of the monitor?
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    Envit0 got a reaction from Kilrah in PS5 Monitor?!   
    Wait till the actually announce the release of PS and Xbox, or even till they are released. By then new monitors will come out, prices will drop etc.
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    Envit0 reacted to jimboza1 in is an RTX 2080Ti overkill for my i5 8600k   
    i agree, if even half of the rumors are true, 2021 will be an insane year for PC parts, even for buying a console, kinda tempted to get an xbox or PS next year, when they've settled a bit and sales happen. i have decided to wait a bit for getting new PC parts, it was more the thing that my 1070 is already kind of lacking in the games i play, but i guess she can hold it a couple more months. so i'm gonna go for a nice 2000-3000$ PC in winter 2020/21 i think. thanks for the help
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    Envit0 reacted to MadPistol in Recommended tv to use as pc monitor.   
    Lean towards the Samsung, then. Samsung's current LCD lineup supports Freesync. LG's B9 does not. You will have a better experience if you go with one of the Samsung models.
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    Envit0 reacted to MadPistol in Recommended tv to use as pc monitor.   
    LG B9 55" is $1300. If you can stretch your budget a bit, that would be by far the best choice.
    If not, the Samsung Q70T 55" can do 1440p @ 120hz (4k only @ 60hz). What sort of graphics card will you be hooking the TV up to?

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    Envit0 got a reaction from josh912 in Recommended tv to use as pc monitor.   
    Lg c9 55 inch (should be around 1400 range) 120hz, G-sync + Hdmi 2.1 for future. There is a CX (C10) release coming with new monitors (minor updates, but still) including 49inch which might be attractive for you Read about OLED burn-ins, if that scares you, I can recommend samsung QLEDS, Q70R up. Not as good picture as OLED, but damn pretty and close  
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    Envit0 reacted to Enderman in Recommended tv to use as pc monitor.   
    Only BFGDs and some high end LG displays support 120Hz.
    Also, no GPUs with HDMI 2.0 exist so you either need to get a BFGD with dispalyport ($5000+) or change your resolution to 1440p every time you want to game.
    Go to rtings.com and look at the TV reviews to find one with low input lag.
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    Envit0 reacted to Enderman in 4k benchmarks at max settings.   
    Yeah just search for 3900x or 3950x benchmarks on google images (cause they're newer than the 9900k, so you can have a comparison)
    Then look at all the hundreds of results on google or youtube, most of them show the minimums.

    It really just depends on the game.
    It's either 9900ks, or 3950X.
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    Envit0 got a reaction from Enderman in 4k benchmarks at max settings.   
    You can have a look at https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2019-amd-ryzen-9-3900x-vs-core-i9-9900k-review and then take each CPU review to compare. @Enderman explained a valid point why many 4k reviews (comparisons) don't exist as you become bound by GPU performance and various CPUs will perform basically on par. Overall from what I have seen, the smallest 1% drops will be with 9700k in most games or 9900k due to higher single core performance. 1080p/1440p results of 1% will show the same structure, so can be used as basis. Since you have to ugprade everything (including mobo, ram etc.) suggest to wait for 10th gen, even minimal, but will have higher performance. Important to mention though, that with current gen. GPUs max settings and 4k in many games is not achievable (especially AAA titles). Speaking from self experience with 2080ti.
    So if budget is not a constraint and only basis is 1% gaming, would wait and go for 10th gen. (strictly gaming 10700 or 10900 for gaming and multitasking) which come out in a few weeks.
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    Envit0 reacted to SansVarnic in 4k benchmarks at max settings.   
    -= Topic Cleaned =-
    Lets keep this conversation civil. 
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    Envit0 got a reaction from MacThiz in GPU 0% Usage in WarZone and Fortnite...   
    Afterburner it is  good choice, let us know the results, but as @Eigenvektor said, no issues as long as games run fine  
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    Envit0 got a reaction from Eigenvektor in GPU 0% Usage in WarZone and Fortnite...   
    Afterburner it is  good choice, let us know the results, but as @Eigenvektor said, no issues as long as games run fine  
  19. Funny
    Envit0 got a reaction from Duckster in Trustworthy website?   
    If questioning websites like this even comes to your mind, I can sell you 2080ti for 150 EUR. Payment first, in cash, no papers signed and then order will be shipped. ^^
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    Envit0 reacted to Mihle in Does Adaptive Sync really matter?   
    Adaptive sync is not made for competitive gaming in mind.
    In e sport level competitive gaming, they run higher FPS than monitors max Hz usually, and then the main benefit of adaptive sync isn't in play at all. Also, I doubt competitive gamers care that much about screen tearing either.
    Where it does matter the most is when you run games FPS bellow monitors max hz.
    It's more a benefit for those that care about how things looks too and not for those that care 100% about performance and are willing to throw all looks out for it.
    I might be wrong but that's what I have understood.
    If you do care about looks too and not performance only, you should not look at what eSports competitive players use and follow it as a slave.
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    Envit0 reacted to Mick Naughty in 240hz 1080p vs 1440p 144hz vs 4k 60hz   
    Gaming always takes priority for me. So 240/1080 is my choice. Way better than my 1440/144 monitor. And I couldn’t imagine the frame loss on 4k or even using anything with 60hz. 
    But if the gaming is light and you use the pc a lot for work, the 4k could be worth it.   
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    Envit0 reacted to SolarNova in If Im not going to be hitting 144 fps in most games is it worth getting a 144 hz monitor?   
    Generally speaking, higher HZ monitors have better pixel response. So yes its still worth while, UNLESS u can get a higher 'quality' display at a lower frequency for the same price.
    Be careful though, if u intend on using variable refresh then ull need to check reviews to see how the pixel response changes as the frequency changes, some monitors that are good at their max refresh can have terrible pixel response at lower frequencies. This information however is only available from reviewers (who actually test the displays they review) and wont be available form the manufacturers.
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    Envit0 reacted to thewill102 in My display wont do 144hz   
    Buy a DP-Cable. Its the best you can do. It WILL support 144Hz. 
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    Envit0 reacted to JoostinOnline in AMD freesync with Nvidia card?   
    You also have to be using DisplayPort.  It won't work over HDMI, and that includes adapters.
  25. Informative
    Envit0 got a reaction from Jumballi in G sync compatibility?   
    Don't count on it working, basically make your decision taking the fact that it will not work. Had the 32inch MSI which was listed by some websites stating that "MSI put it on compatible list" https://thepcenthusiast.com/msi-freesync-monitors-compatible-with-g-sync/, but they were never included in official Nvidia compatible list. For some people worked fine, for me worked with only few games, but with most were black screening every few seconds and was impossible to use, so just played without adaptive sync.. and ended up selling it. Nvidia offical list means it has been tested and will most probably work fine, those that are not will be a complete lottery. Some people have no issues, some has etc.