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  1. Please keep in mind that this is going to be my first piece of "pro" audio equipment, so I welcome corrections. Basically, I'm thinking about getting the Behringer Xenyx 1002FX mixer, or possibly the QX1002USB. The problem is that I want to connect a condenser microphone and a few other devices like a PC and a Nintendo Switch. Would it be possible to separate the microphone and those devices? What I mean by that is just having the microphone go into the mixer, power it with the 48V, maybe also be able change the FX settings on its channel and then output on
  2. I've read about it before posting this thread and that could technically work, but I would honestly feel more secure if all the data was stored on the HDD instead of both since the SSD is good 4+ years old at this point and the HDD is nearing 1 year now. That's why I prefer using a cache for this case.
  3. Thanks, I guess I'll give this a try
  4. First I'll list my storage devices: Samsung EVO 860 500GB SSD Some old Patriot 120 GB SSD 1 TB WD Blue Basically I would like to use my old 120GB SSD to cache the commonly used data from my WD Blue. I couldn't find anything related to this since all the threads only talked about a cache when only 1 SSD is present, so my question is if this is possible? Basically doing nothing to my "main" Samsung SSD and just turning the old SSD into a cache for the HDD.
  5. After some troubleshooting and resetting the CMOS by pulling the battery out and connecting the two jumper pins. By adding memory sticks one by one I managed to get to 3 sticks. After I added the 4th one it started beeping again so I just switched the one on the 3rd slot with that 4th one and its working now. Stupid solution but it works.
  6. Yes when I use 2 sticks it works fine even if I use the old and new stick together. I just noticed that a new version of my bios came out so I might try updating now, doubt that it will make a difference though
  7. I have just bought another dual channel kit of HyperX 2400 MHz (2x4GB) memory. I thought that it would work without problems by just plugging them in since it's basically the same model as I currently have. But the moment I turned the pc on I heard one long and two short beeps. The screen didn't turn on at all and the pc just continued working like that without restarting. I have tried to pull out the new memory and it worked. It also works when I pull out the old memory or when I mix the old and the new one together (in the same dual or different channel) but it never wants to work with more
  8. Just started this with my Ryzen 5 1600 and 6GB GTX 1060!
  9. A bit of a late update but I looked into this issue a bit more and found another thread on the forums that is pretty much identical to mine. I also found another one on EVGA forums and I'm like 99% sure that its an issue with nvidia drivers, I could rollback to an old version but that doesn't help at all. I tried to switch to HDMI and everything worked fine, but I can't make my refresh rate 75 Hz if I use HDMI and I still need a port for my Vive (I could buy that mini DP to DP cable for it) but why would I have to switch to HDMI when the issue is something with the drivers. There's probably so
  10. Switching the cables didn't work at all. I'm pretty sure its not a hardware issue but a software issue with windows but I really don't know whats causing it. Now it happened on both monitors, one got the same thing as the previous picture and the other got that weird thing where the right part of the screen gets moved to the left part. I'm starting to think to its because of DisplayPort but why would it cause that, I could switch to HDMI but the problem is to my VR set uses one HDMI so I have only 1 left.
  11. I checked the connections every time it happened and they're alright. I'm using Delock cables I bought for $10 each, since I wasn't sure if I was getting the cables together with the monitor. I could try to swap it to the cables that came with the monitor and come back to you tomorrow, but I doubt that will help. I also forgot to say this, whenever that happened and I tried to turn off and on the monitor that did that, both monitors would get black screen and NO SIGNAL, the only solution then is to restart the PC.
  12. I have a 2 monitor setup and I've really ignored this problem for some time now, but it started being annoying, now it happens every single time. Whenever my monitors go to sleep when the PC is inactive and when they wake up after I move the mouse... etc. One of them, depends which one, its random, gets all fuzzy. I'll attach a picture I took with my phone, you have to zoom a little bit but you'll see it, its all kind of fuzzy. The picture I took now is really minimal sometimes it even makes it so half of the screen goes all crazy and the other half is the same as in that picture. I'm pretty s