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  1. 3600X for future proofing, and also X cuz its gona boost higher clocks by default then NON X variant, so you dont have to bother with Overclocking
  2. it could be RGB connector thats causing the buzzing of problem, i had buzzing coming from motherboard/CPU socket area when i connected RGB connector to PC, unplugging RGB and plugging case fans to psu cables solved issue
  3. AOC 24G2U is IPS 144hz display with freesync, and i think it supports gsync aswell, the low price doesnt mean its bad, its actually pretty good monitor
  4. any ssd will last minimum 3 years, doesnt matter brand
  5. if u play competetive games like CSGO, PUBG, COD,APEX Legends etc... stick to 24 inch 1080p, the difference in pixel density is pretty small , and its much easier to track enemies on 24 inch monitor, 27 inch is too big, and picture quality is only slightly better
  6. set optimal power mode in nvidia control panel if u want ur core clock and memory clock to drop while not needed
  7. did you try Nvidia Low Latency Mode to ULTRA? it helps alot with CPU usage and frametimes
  8. its gigabyte bios issue, u can set custom fan curve to fix
  9. hey, i think you need 550w PSU, 650w is too much, or so people on these forums say /s return psu and get some proper shit
  10. rog strix has fattest heatsink and lowest temps, but GPU sag is real
  11. any intel cpu bellow 90c will work 10+ years , i have laptop thats old AF and was constantly running World of warcraft 85-95c for thousand of hours, and it still works and is turned ON 24/7 playing random youtube videos, and also when i format it its working like brand fucking new
  12. INNO3D GEFORCE RTX 2070 SUPER ICHILL X3 ULTRA - 610$ definatly this one
  13. run userbenchmark.com post link