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  1. Funny
    thekingofmonks reacted to Husky in CS:GO Stuttering Problems   
    CS:GO is highly CPU bound. That CPU might be slightly bottlenecking in the game and causing the stutters. What settings are you playing on? I found that using higher settings in a CPU-bound situation can reduce stuttering as it loads the GPU more and allows the CPU to "breathe" a bit.
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    thekingofmonks reacted to Slottr in Windows 11 leak [General megathread]   
    People want progress but hate change
  3. Funny
    thekingofmonks reacted to phoon in can you do Resizable BAR on older generations of budget GPUs such as RX 470/570, 1050 Ti and 1650?   
    Did you just...
    if this was reddit you'd have my Upvote
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    thekingofmonks reacted to Sed Linus in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    i have some old tech...not sure whether it is retro or something...

    Intel HD Graphics for Previous Generation Intel Processors of the 540
    ATI RADEON HD 5450 witth the 350m
    i only have the pic of my i3-540 right now
    had a pentium 2 which my parents threw away around 2009..
    i have this one logitech mouse from 1999 i guess
    and a modem from 2002

    have a lot of retro tech including a 22 year old CRT monitor and a TVS GOLD KEYBOARD...just dont have the pics right now(not at my home)
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    thekingofmonks reacted to gastew15 in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    Here's a small collection of some of my floppy disks, a random IDE cable, and the Pentium 2 cartridge processor out of the first computer I ever got to use.

  6. Informative
    thekingofmonks reacted to pierom_qwerty in How many GTX 750 GM206 did Nvidia even manufacture?   
    Your best best is in South Korea, as IIRC that's where they were manufactured mostly. Also, I believe they're almost identical to a 950, though I very much could be wrong about that.
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    thekingofmonks reacted to Jurrunio in 1600 in XMP vs 1866 standard - Which one offers better performance?   
    lower is better, so it depends on what you get with XMP (without XMP at 1600MHz it will most likely be 11-11-11-28)
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    thekingofmonks reacted to Jurrunio in No XMP profiles in Gigabyte BIOS? And ratio is locked at 16?   
    XMP doesnt necessarily mean higher frequency than what the CPU supports. It could totally be limited to only lowering timings below JEDEC spec for example. This is not overclocking since the frequency is still in-spec, but timings are out of spec.
    I dont think your kit gives tighter timings at 1600MHz, tho I guess you can go further by tuning it manually.
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    thekingofmonks reacted to Fasauceome in New GT 1030 or 10 year old 660Ti?   
    It looks faster now that it's clean lol
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    thekingofmonks reacted to gzbraga in New GT 1030 or 10 year old 660Ti?   
    thank for the help everyone. I cleaned the card real good and it's up and running better than what I expected.

  11. Agree
    thekingofmonks reacted to manikyath in New GT 1030 or 10 year old 660Ti?   
    for all the crap userbenchmark gets, they at least give some ballpark figures to compare.
    (as always, ignore anything beyond the average score..)
    give that 660ti a good cleaning, and it'll be miles better.
  12. Agree
    thekingofmonks reacted to HanZie82 in GTX 1060 6gb(mobile) at 1080P 165 Hz   
    No problem.
    HDMI 1.4 would max out at 144Hz at 1080p
    HDMI 2.0 would easily do 165Hz at 1080p
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    thekingofmonks reacted to Dedayog in Can I travel with my GPU installed?   
    I'd pull it out and package it up.  Bumps, turns, stopping/starting... can all put torque on the card/slot. Probably not much, but for a distance that car I'd be more cautious.
  14. Informative
    thekingofmonks reacted to D2ultima in The video RAM information guide   
    Ok. I did a SLI guide and now time to do a vRAM/memory bandwidth guide. A lot of people seem to be confused about vRAM in general. Well, here we go.
    Let's clear up some misconceptions about vRAM! 
    What does vRAM size have to do with gaming?
    Bonus: What happens if I don't have enough vRAM that a game asks for for certain settings?
    And now resolution, Anti Aliasing and operating systems
    And now about multiple monitors
    Now, onto memory bandwidth and memory bus and such. You may wanna skip this if you know already and are only here for the vRAM size portion above, but I might as well be thorough if I'm doing this. Spoiler tags save the day!
    vRAM types & memory clocks
    Next, memory bus and memory bandwidth!
    Extra: Memory bus + mismatched memory size section
    And the GTX 970 gets its own section! Hooray!
    Windows 10 and nVidia 353.62
    Final tidbits and stuff
    I started writing this guy mainly for the top section, to denounce misinformation people seem to have regarding vRAM and its relation to memory bandwidth, but I figured I might as well just go the full mile and explain as best I can about what most people need to know about GPU memory anyway. If I've somehow screwed up somewhere, let me know. I probably have. I'll fix whatever I get wrong. And thank you to everyone who has contributed and corrected things I didn't get right! Unlike my SLI guide, much of the information here was confirmed post-writing.
    If you want the SLI information or the mobile i7 CPU information guide, they're in my sig!
    Moderator note: If you believe any information found in this guide is incorrect, please message me or D2ultima and we will investigate it, thank you. - Godlygamer23
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    thekingofmonks reacted to Jurrunio in No XMP profiles in Gigabyte BIOS? And ratio is locked at 16?   
    Right there's the G3258 BIOS. OP probably needs a BIOS update then
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    thekingofmonks got a reaction from Caroline in most stupid thing ever   
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    thekingofmonks reacted to Caroline in What's a tech term you hate?   
    You know what really grinds my gears? This:
    Some people just call that anything and everything, even WEBSITES.
  18. Funny
    thekingofmonks reacted to CerealExperimentsLain in What's a tech term you hate?   
    You should not look up the nomenclature for IDE storage then.
  19. Informative
    thekingofmonks reacted to crazzp in What's a tech term you hate?   
    Male/Female connector. I understand it perfectly describes the type of connector but I believe there are more elegant ways to describe it instead of making me imagine certain human organs whenever I deal with connectors. 
  20. Funny
    thekingofmonks reacted to Heliian in What's a tech term you hate?   
    You receive an RMA, Return Materials Authorization. 
    "I'm going to RMA it" isn't grammatically correct.   
    I'm old, get off my lawn. 
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    thekingofmonks reacted to caincha in What's a tech term you hate?   
    I hate when people ask me how long does the battery last. Not a term, but a peeve…?
    I usually reply: it depends on usage but here is the battery count and battery health percentage. And usually ignore if they insist…
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    thekingofmonks reacted to CerealExperimentsLain in What's a tech term you hate?   
    People referring to non-physicals purchases, of games or other media, as 'Digital' as if  an optical disc with a game or movie on it was not also digital.
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    thekingofmonks reacted to ShrimpBrime in What's a tech term you hate?   
    Oh yes I hate this one the most. 
  24. Agree
    thekingofmonks reacted to ShrimpBrime in What's a tech term you hate?   
    1.4K? XD
  25. Funny
    thekingofmonks reacted to Jurrunio in What's a tech term you hate?   
    Calling 1440p "2K"