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  1. Seriously though, was this homemade craft or an actual product sold in stores?
  2. Thanks for the info! By the way, the GPU in both the 750 2.0 and the 950 are the exact same. The only difference is that the 750 had cut down cores - 512, while the 950 had 768 - which allows it to run at higher speeds.
  3. I'm just curious if anyone knows because I want to take a chance on finding one and perhaps buy one of those rarities
  4. Title says it. Context: I'm limited to a 1600 board/cpu and an 1866 kit and I don't want to bother changing the timings because I'm lazy. Which one's better?
  5. Turns outthat the official page mentions XMP being possible on this board. I just couldn't find the option smh
  6. I remember finding this two-way female cable in my old PC case. It’s a 4-pin layout with a white, a ground, an empty and a red wire. Could this be for powering a floppy disk reader? Or some sort of “Wake on LAN” cable?
  7. Probably a low profile gpu that can only use dlss and no tensor dedicated rt. And even if it could, it would be too weak for that.
  8. There shouldn't be any problem running two cards that way. You might even dedicate certain workloads to one of the cards. I recommend gaming with the 3080 and if you do, video editing with the 5700. But that also depends on different circumstances.
  9. If it's a heavy card that already sags in its case then it's best to remove it to avoid damage. However a low profile card that doesn't weight much would need to be removed, obviously.
  10. Well then since gddr5 and 6 are quad data rate modules, why are they not called gqdr5 and gqdr6?
  11. I just found out that F6 or later versions of Gigabyte BIOS's for B85 allow cpu overclocking, but never supported XMP.
  13. A torch... as in flashlight. And since you smell burnt plastic I suggest you check your cables, connectors and fans. Especially the cpu cooler's cable since it's the nearest to the cpu.
  14. You might want to check in detail with a torch whether there was damage or not. It might've burned somewhere that doesn't impact booting but would later on cause other problems.
  15. Hi, I'm trying to reach my ram modules' base freq but there is no xmp profile in my motherboard's bios. Even the memory ratio is locked at 16.00. The model is a GA-B85M-D3H, bios version is the latest F15. Ram sticks are a HyperX Fury 1866 4gb x2 kit. I though this motherboard supported overclocking of of all kinds?? wth? Anyway thanks in advance!
  16. There's no Eth mining app that I know of, though there are some that mine other cheap currencies using the SoC's cpu. And it's definitely not worth it. Extremely low power, system shared memory and limited cpu usage, gives like a couple of H/s. Have fun trying tho.
  17. Oh, now I get it, you’re looking for a water aio for your cpu and gpu. I’m not really into water cooling, so I can’t help. Sorry.
  18. Well, most of them don’t even have the right caps and vrms to support strong video cards, so OP should either give up or spend a whole day looking for adapters, and then finding out which one is the safest for his mxm.