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  1. Laptop: asus tuf fx504gm i5 8300h So recently I've started to observe something really weird with my laptop. Whenever I start playing any game, I only am able to play for like 10 seconds and my WiFi gets disconnected and becomes invisible. As soon as I quit the game wifi gets reconnected. If it didn't I need to restart PC disable and re enable WiFi. Tried using my mobile hotspot and is the same issue. I used to use throttlestop to undervolt - 126mv but even that is locked now by a random asus bios update. I literally am unable to play anything on my Lappy... Please help!
  2. I did not want to revive old threads so asking fresh. Please suggest some stable custom roms for redmi 5 plus/note 5. And please provide any latest tutorials to flash if possible! This is my first time flashing and all so i dont want to hardbrick my mobile or anything as this is the only 1 i have now! Currently running miui 11 Please help! Anything appreciated Tried going around mi forums and all didn't get much help as most posts were so old. ఈ even asked in xda forums but didn't get any response.! Please help
  3. Umm anyway to stresstest? and hwinfo doesnt show complete analysis overtime right?it shows current min max status right?
  4. I want to underclock my cpu to reduce temps. I'm using Intel XTU right now because i can analyse the temps and clocks with the graphs and stress test but it seems kind of buggy. Many recommended to use throttlestop but i want to have a stress test and stats as like in xtu to know the reason for performance drops temps etc( using hwinfo but it doesn't seem to have continuous data analysis or stress test) So please suggest some tools to analyze reason for throttling,graphs like xtu and a good way to stress test. A Newbie here kind of hard to get things right Please help!
  5. I'm using asus tuf fx504gm laptop with gtx 1060 6gb. When doing an open gl test it seems to be underperforming. The clock speed doesn't reach 1690 in oc mode (asus gpu tweak) but reaches only around 1400 even when gaming.. Where are things going wrong?
  6. I'm trying to use a linux distro on virtual box .But i only get 32 bit as an option..unable to get a 64 bit option! 1. Intel virtual settings enabled in bios. 2. No hyper V in windows 10 home 3.unable to find device guard etc Please help!
  7. I plan to use my live usb with persistence for Ubuntu without installing.. But I always need to set nomodeset to boot up. I updated nvidia drivers too but no use after reboot I'm even unable to use persistent data
  8. That's the problem.. I'm unable to connect ext keyboard.. Mouse just moves.. Track pad doesn't work.. Where should I type commands?
  9. I'm using a live usb of ubuntu 18.04. 1.. But I didn't get any login option.. It directly loaded the desktop.. But my laptop keyboard and track pad aren't working.. Only ext mouse is working.. That too only to move cursor. Please help
  10. I want to know if my asus fx504gm is compatible to ubuntu or not? The list in ubuntu website doesn't show list of asus compatible laptops at all..!. Help!
  11. Sorry sorry.. ... I used USB.. I'm considering a live usb without install for now