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    Xolin got a reaction from Mark Kaine in Is 'never sleep' bad for the computer?   
    Is leaving the computer in this 'Never Sleep' mode bad for the computer? Will this be a problem when I download games?
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    Xolin reacted to murtz in Temps hot on Modern Warfare high settings?   
    What Kind of Case? Case airflow makes a big difference. 
    Also did you just put this together or did you notice the temps a while after building?
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    Xolin reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in Temps hot on Modern Warfare high settings?   
    What do you mean?
    84 is fine temps, don’t worry unless it’s throttling.
    if it’s like a lot of gpus it would be pretty quiet until it gets HOT (or In my gpus case, will cook itself and just turn off, seriously Amd, 95c shouldn’t be 50% fans), you can adjust the fan curves with MSI AB
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    Xolin reacted to Dawson Wehage in Temps hot on Modern Warfare high settings?   
    I had a single fan on my rtx 2060 when I had it and only hit 75 tops. I feel that's a little hot. Unless his fan settings aren't optimal or there is no air flow in the case.
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    Xolin reacted to Skiiwee29 in Is 'never sleep' bad for the computer?   
    I never put mine to sleep. It stays on 99% of the time. I only have it set to turn off my displays after 30 minutes to prevent burn in. 
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    Xolin reacted to VectorTech in Is 'never sleep' bad for the computer?   
    Not putting your computer to sleep isn't necessarily bad, however giving it a proper restart every now and then can help improve performance.
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    Xolin reacted to sof006 in Is 'never sleep' bad for the computer?   
    Hardware? Maybe, possible, not really. PC components tend to have a pretty good life span.
    Windows on the other hand, probably would start to slow down and bugs could start to occur since Windows isn't designed with being on for prolonged periods of time.
    I work on a Service Desk and I have come across PC's that have been running for 30 days + and basically cease to function because of memory leaks.
    if you're planning on running a PC non stop i'd recommend using either Linux or Windows Server. 
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    Xolin reacted to SolarNova in Dell Gaming S3220DGF 32" vs. MSI Gaming Optix MAG272CQR 27"   
    The only directly comparable review on both is from tomshardware, which dont have the best detailed reviews, however they are comparable in performance.
    rtings has the S3220 reviewed and it does well.
    The biggest cons on both are less to do with the displays performance and more a reputation thing.
    Dell is ...Dell. So customer support will be terrible.
    and MSI's displays have an unfortunate reputation of having poor uniformity. This one 'seems' good however.
    They are both VA mind you, so dont expect perfect motion handling. The S3220 does have the better contrast but both will be far superior to an IPS or TN display in that regard. The S3220 also does 'seem' to come with better out of the box calibration.
    PURELY SUBJECTIVELY HERE ..... I actually had my father buy one of these to replace his old LCD display. I wouldnt have recommended it if i thought it bad, and from what i have seen of it in person, its good.
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    Xolin got a reaction from Zabityhrac in i7-2600k + RX 570 for photo editing   
    So I’m looking to get an used pc for photo editing (Lightroom, Photoshop etc.)
    Will this PC be good enough? 
    i7 2600K 
    H77 D3H 
    8GB RAM 
    Samsung Evo 250GB SSD
    Seagate 300GB HDD
    Sapphire RX 570 4GB 
    Corsair Spec Alpha 
    Thermaltake 550W
    - 300$~330$
    What do you think?
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    Xolin reacted to Jeppes in Looking for an aftermarket CPU cooler for Ryzen 5 3600   
    Just check out how much an am4 kit would cost for a Noctua D14? Its about 9€ here and you can ask for a free one from Noctua if you have proof of purchase for old cooler and new cpu&motherboard.
    With those prices 212 is the best option of new coolers. 
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    Xolin reacted to SkilledRebuilds in What causes GPU clock fluctuation?   
    Shouldn't happen on AMD GPU's (Prior to 5700 series) it should be a locked Coreclock.
    Power limits aside of course....
    OP - I wouldn't worry at all, some of the GPU's from AMD of that architecture didn't have the best power limits applied (AIB cards) and would drop clocks (few percent), but other models hold the clock ALL day everyday no drops.  (Card to Card differences)
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    Xolin reacted to WaggishOhio383 in Which case would you choose and why?   
    I'd personally go with either the Eclipse P300A mesh or the NR600 ODD. The P300A I like because I personally believe Phanteks has some of the best build quality on the market for the price. However, if I was just going off which case I think looks the coolest I would say I really like the minimal design of the NR600. The Corsair option just looks cheaply built with that (in my opinion) ugly patterned plastic front panel, and I've never heard of the Antec option before so I can't comment on its quality.
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    Xolin reacted to soundlogic in Upgrading from i7 4930K to i5 9400F. Worth it?   
    You've just got it in in your head that 8 cores is better than 6. By all means get an FX 8100, I guess it won't matter because more cores is better, even though its 8 cores together are slower than an Athlon 3000G's 2 cores.
    The Ryzen 5 3600 is faster even in terms of multi core performance. Its 6 cores are as fast or slightly faster than the 2700's 8. Not per core, altogether. 
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    Xolin reacted to WereCat in Worth switching from i7 4930k to Ryzen 5 1500X?   
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    Xolin reacted to hwhendhah in Worth switching from i7 4930k to Ryzen 5 1500X?   
    that cpu doesnt need to be replaced. Id say get some more ram and a better gpu
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    Xolin got a reaction from PWforPower in Sleeved Cable Extensions   
    I want to buy these sleeved cable extensions: 
    Are they safe to use?
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    Xolin got a reaction from Fatih19 in Why is my pc so slow?   
    Wire got stuck in CPU fan, wasn't spinning. The CPU temperature was about 100-105C. 
    Now it seems that everything is fine. 
    Thank you!
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    Xolin reacted to Senzelian in Arctic Alpine 12 CO / Antec A30 cooler for an i7 2600k   
    Your broken cooler can most likely be fixed with zip ties.
    But I'd like to see a picture of it.
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    Xolin reacted to Tristerin in Arctic Alpine 12 CO / Antec A30 cooler for an i7 2600k   
    I have an Arctic Alpine 12, personally unless budget required it (and yes they are affordable AF) I would go with something a little more robust than that due to the lack of airflow.  However if that is your only option it should work at stock settings.