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  1. Oh, it's not just the computer. -_- it's mostly a crappy furnace that came with the house. The house was built in 1999, but the furnace was built in 1995. We also recently had temperatures below 0 at night recently. It jumped from the normal 150-200kw/day to around 300kw/day, since it's a heat pump, and the larger the delta in temperature, it multiplies how much power it draws. Sub zero temperatures with 10 inches of snow last week.... 60f degrees today. The $550 was projected if I kept using 300kw in a day. (current prediction is still a $350 bill though) My computer should only d
  2. A few cool "milestones". I've entered the top 2,500 in the team rankings, in the top 20,000 of the world, and in less than 2 weeks since my last post, I did over 200 work units on my own. Difference in team rank was over 1,500, and difference in overall rank is 9,000 Next goal is 1,500 team rank, 15,000 rank overall, and getting over 100 million. **Note: I've turned my power from full to medium. Due to cold and an inefficient heater for my house... I'm consuming around 300kw of power a day right now.... and my electric bill is predicted to be $550 right now if I keep going as
  3. Not to double post and all, but the 6.3 million estimate was exceeded! 6.9 million points (roughly) Heading toward the top
  4. Screaming through the points after finally getting my new vidya card in my new system. Was getting around 2.5 million a day from both my desktop and laptop combined. Now my estimate is 6.3 million according to the folding@home app with just my new desktop. Hope to fly up some rankings **Note: I will probably have it off while gaming, but otherwise, will probably keep it going.
  5. Been a little less than 3 weeks of helping with the F@H stuff. Now I'm at 15 million+ points and 300 work units completed. Seems that things have slowed down a TON this last week though. I've noticed on both my systems that it's hardly ever getting any GPU work units. I guess CPU work units are more important at the moment and do take longer to do, but doesn't help much with the point count.(5 million first week, 7 million second, 3 million third), but not much I can do about it. Anyway, let's see how long my systems can keep up 5 million or more a week average I guess.
  6. My milestone is that in the first week of folding I've gotten over 5 million points. That said, I was using two systems (desktop and laptop) but still. I was actually hoping for at least 10 million since the two systems combined when working say around 2.5-2.8 million, but sadly a considerable amount of time they were just sitting there waiting for work units and finding none. Either way, I'd say that's a considerable amount for just two systems to do in that time span EDIT: I also would like to mention these two systems have been my heater for the entire apartme
  7. I used a USB->FTDI serial converter cable and just had to attach the pins (5v, gnd, tx, and rx) in the right order. I really an not a super great resource for the nitty gritty of electronics. I more or less just followed the setting up an arduino on a breadboard guide (found here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/main/standalone ) and made a circuit instead of the bread board, then added a bunch of extra grounding pins (I was making an easy to use led controller out of it, where you could take prewired leds and just plug them in. Only having 1-2 grounds didn't work since there were like 20 differe
  8. I know this is an older post at this point, but someone posted just the other day and I thought I'd chime in since I have flashed a bootloader on a custom pcb arduino myself a few years ago. It's not super hard, and is pretty well documented on the arduino website itself. https://www.arduino.cc/en/tutorial/arduinoISP I should say, It's not hard if you have another arduino that you don't mind flashing to, to make it and ISP programmer. Just read through the entire page once, then go back to the parts that tell you what you actually have to do. **NOTE: I did this when the Arduino Uno
  9. KK. Was just double checking I didn't somehow configure something to only do gpu work.
  10. Below is a screenshot to show what I mean. How do I get the cpu going too? EDIT: I'm just impatient apparently. Carry on all
  11. Just curious, without the modified driver, could this be used for a streaming setup as a video compression card? I mean, yeah, draws a lot of power, but for $60-$70, having a dedicated card for video compression for a real time system like streaming, could be worth it rather than having to set up a second system for high resolutions. Could also allow for higher resolution than cheaper video capture devices (around the same price point) if it does work.
  12. Quick question. Moisture seems like the biggest problem with this setup, and if I recall right, they said they increased the temperature to try and remove some condensation... Couldn't you create a decompression chamber (using something like copper instead of plastic tubing to not have to worry about expansion as much on the liquid cooling) to remove all the air from the entire system, thus removing all the moisture from the air? I mean, yeah, sure, overkill and all, but if you are striving for the best, why not go stupidly far out there? **Note: I don't overclock regularly, but it